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Lord, we really gat a lone way to go

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Dear Father:

Hmmm, you know, I really love this village. No, I am very serious Father. The people are very interesting. Look at the way some of them besieged the Traditional Council the other day in the name of trying to stop the chiefs there from passing an oracle that they say is primarily targeting the big man from our money house.

Whether some of them understand this oracle or not, even its importance for our village, the idea that it is for the money house, their understanding is that they must fight. It’s all about the protection of interest-nothing else.

And in most of these things, you hardly see the sincerity inside. No wonder our people continue to be confused by the day, because nobody to say the truth. There is no integrity, moral is zero. No honesty, everything is self interest, not the village. It is what I can get-something to call my own.

But the people say the man at the money house is a good man and has been giving them plenty money.

Father, da his money? Some of the people I saw the other day at the Traditional Council look like they were just handpicked. I doubt whether they understood the reason they were there in the first place.

My son, you know your village now, people only want to join inside, they careless about understanding the issue. Once you are dividing T-shirts and giving 20 dollars of Uncle Sam’s money-you want 10,000 people sef, ‘ you go feel  get”.

You know, Father, this remind me of my childhood. When I was a kid growing up in Gardnerville, Iron Factory to be précised, our community was divided in two parts- Up the Hill and Down the hill. We had this habit of engaging in area fights.  And most of these fights usually occurred at the end of a football match between the two sides of our community.

What was most interesting is that we did not care to understand what the fight was about-as long as it involves members of the opposite side, there was no asking question. We were ready to defend our respective areas.

And sometimes the fight would start with the guys on the football field and end with the girls in one part of the community. But after one or two weeks we were there again organizing another football match, which we usually didn’t rule out will end in community brawl.

And so, it was doing one of these fights that a sister from our half of the community-Down the hill, had come from her church that Sunday evening and met the usual fight going on. Not asking any question rushed home, changed her clothes to come and join the fight. Remember, I said we never stop to ask about the origins of these fights we just join in.

So, Father, as the story goes, this sister changed her clothes and joined the fight. She actually bought the fight from the other girl from our area. And so it became a big fight that lasted more than all the previous fights-because it started from down the hill and ended up the hill in the night.

But the interesting thing about this was, when few of the older people from the community decided to intervene and asked what was going on, it was when this sister started asking her friends to get the real understanding of a fight she actually participated in at the highest level-meaning she was one of the older girls in the area at the time.

And this is the same thing, we bring at the national level, demonstrating for things we don’t understand and for people we barely know. Where then are we heading?

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