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Lord, we will never understand

Dear Father:

Hmmm, it’s hard to explain. No matter how hard we try. It will always remain a mystery-a mystery indeed. There is not one person who has ever gone there and come back to tell us how the place look.

We sometimes want to take solace based on our own belief systems-our faith of course, and try to understand it but no, we will never understand. Sometimes we asked: “why so soon?” Because it comes suddenly and hit us so hard that in most instances it breaks down an entire family-children become wayward and promising futures are cut short, businesses go down the drain.

It becomes more heart breaking when the person being taken by this cold hand of death is so close and or is a pillar-a one on whose shoulder many rely on. It is no respecter of age, or else, the young will sigh a relief, while waiting age to catch up with them. But no, everyone is a victim of such a cold hand. Victims indeed, we all are, just waiting for our times.

Father, come to think of it, we are all prey or like snares in the hand of the fowler. The sudden departure of one of us leave us with many unanswered questions-thoughts of our own timing do come to us repeatedly like a nightmare that won’t go away.

Many at times you asked yourself, why we have to go through all these hustles and bustles trying to acquire things that we will leave unprepared. This reminds me Father. It was just yesterday when one of our own departed from us. He had big dreams and had just crossed one of the ladders leading to his dreams.

He was one of the most recent graduates from our Hill of Learning. He started this place with us when we were all hoping for the best. But he never stays on to realize the best we all had hoped for. He came and snatched him away.

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Father, we are told it’s your will. Some would say it is the Lord that giveth and the Lord taketh. But trust me Father; I know it’s not true. Part of it that get to us is where in most situations the victim has to go through a prolong suffering-sickness or other diseases or coma for days, weeks, months and years.

No one can question it. All we can do is only accept that another mysterious thing has happened, which again leave us thinking about our own timing. But there is another aspect of this that keeps me wondering the more Father.

What is it my son?

It is the manner in which the trees clap their hands as the birds sing farewell, when our love ones do depart.

For me, it shows that even the mammals understand the pains we go through when our dear love ones are gone. Our sorrows, our tears and that part of us that is gone. It all seen like yesterday.

But like I said Father, we will never understand, no matter how hard we try. Not one of us has or will ever return to explain this mystery. Rest In Peace Sam!!!

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