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Lord, What Are These Chiefs Saying?

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Dear Father:

Isn’t it very funny? I mean listening to the Chiefs from the Upper end of the Traditional Council the other day had me thinking as to whether they really mean business when it comes to making sure that those who steal our village meager resources to support their numerous girl friends and their lavish lifestyles are punished.

What happened my son?

Father , you know, the other day the Old Lady sent some papers to the Traditional Council asking the chiefs at that place to give the Anti Rogue Watch Dog extra power to be able to send the rogue them who have been stealing our village money straight to the Palaver Hut.

The Old Lady said she made the request because the people who are responsible to send such people to the Palaver Hut in our village sometimes waste time in doing so when the Rogue Watch Dog send them at their offices.

Another reason which to me is key is the part where the Old Lady said it was a way in moving the fight against those who steal our village money one step forward.

But to our greatest surprise, the chiefs from the upper end of the Traditional Council said no way. They said the Anti Rogue Watch Dog should continue sending the rogue them to the people who are responsible to do so but have over the years refused.

What I can only say here is Father, the chiefs are not serious to help protect our meager resources from the hands of the village rogues. In other words, what I think is that this is just a plan to protect the rogues from prosecution.

Tell me something my son!

Father, I can bet my last nickel on this one. These Chiefs are trying to protect the rogues in this village from accounting for our money.

Father to even insist that those who are responsible to drag people to the Palaver Hut should be the one to do so, as if they have no eyes to see that these same people have failed over the years to carry their friends to the Palaver Hut.

Let’s face it Father, these are people with equal portfolios and attend the same kitchen cabinet meeting, which members of the Anti Rogue Watch Dogs don’t. So, when they go to these kitchen cabinet meetings it is possible that they do slip some of those complaint of theft sent by the Anti Rogue Watch Dog to their friends. Thus resulting to delays and bureaucracies. As a result some of these rogue officials never go on trial only to be fired and resurfaced elsewhere in the village as some kind of big man.

So you think this is the reason while the Old Lady is trying to give the Anti Rogue Watch Dog a teeth to bite?

Yes, Father, this is simply the reason.

And what make you think the same people did not also fight against this?

Father, you could be right because the people who are responsible to take wrong doers before the Palaver Hut on behalf of the village and the Anti Rogue Watch Dog had been fighting for power all along! The people responsible to take people to the Palaver Hut, have always thought that taking this power from them would mean reducing their budget and increasing that of the Anti Rogue Watch Dog. So all these things came in to the hustle in addition to protecting their rogue friends from the kitchen cabinet.

But if the chiefs from the upper end of the Traditional Council could behave in this manner then it means they just don’t have this village at heart and are not willing to help catch the rogues who have continued to steal our village money.

My son, let me ask you ya, the chiefs them you are talking about when was the last time you saw them being audited? These are people who most of their dark transactions are done in cash. So you think they care about your noise about people stealing the village money when most of them have their hands up like cassava leaves waiting to grab anything that comes their way?

But Father, one thing we know now for sure is that they are the ones preventing this fight against corruption from moving forward, because with this kind of action, it means they are still enjoying the way people continue to steal our village meager resources and maybe who knows…

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