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Lord, What Are They Not Telling Us?

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Dear Father,

You know, sometimes back in our village setting, our parents felt embarrassed to tell us certain things-especially when it came to the issue of sex and how our young sisters should take care of themselves.

Father, it’s so funny. They saw it as a taboo to discuss sex with their children, forgetting to know the underlying danger of not telling the children the truth and how to take preventive measures.

And so everything the children knew about sex and how to take care of one-self was based on “they say” when you do this that will happened” through older friends too. In fact, not many of the parents knew when their girls saw their first menses or boys or girls had their first sexual encounters.

And so Father, the failure of our parents to tell us the truth about life led to many of us believing any thing that came our way through “they say” because it was a crime punishable through peppering for your parents to hear you discussing sex. But they forgot to know that when they failed to inform their children other people were providing the information, whether good or bad-But had they done so, from the unset it would have been properly managed.

The fact that our parents withheld the truth from us about life, and saw certain topics as a taboo, not to be discussed, led to so many things. For some before they could realize, our society was faced with a troop of pregnant teenagers. For many, it was too late, the mess had already been cause, all they did then was to embark on damage control, when this “fairytale” about sex could have been discussed to prevent the unforeseeable.

My son don’t you think your parents were afraid that had they thought you about sex, you would have rushed into it and that would have been more disastrous? And don’t you think they were trying to control your appetite about sex et’ al?

Father, it would be better tell the children what it is and what to do when face with a situation rather than refusing to let them know the truth. You see in our village today Father, our big people are facing similar problems. I do not blame them because it is a culture inherited from our fore-fathers.

My son what do you mean by that, I mean what are you trying to get at?

You see Father, when the news about the trouble at our village boundary with our neighbor started, our big people said, oh that lie, and that thing the town criers talking are not true.

Father, it is not that our big people didn’t know that it was true, but they did not want the village people to hear it. Like our parents who saw sex as a taboo, our big people fear that admitting that that people were leaving our house to go cause trouble in our neighbor’s house would have scare most of our people. So, they said that lie.

Now, when Uncle Sam’s cousins wrote and said our big people knew this thing ever since and did nothing, they got up like our parents who after their girl child has gotten pregnant right in front of their nose, they now try to do damage control.

But Father, the damage control has become very expensive for our big people because like the children, the people have been fed with all kinds of information which they are now holding on to.

So, when news comes from our neighbor’s house saying that “oh the people rock they are throwing is falling down in our fence,”… our big people will say that lie.

But then it leaves more questions than answers-what are they not telling us? Because few months ago, they deny, deny, and deny. When Uncle Sam blew it loud then they came and said “it is not like Uncle Sam’s cousins are saying it.”

So, if it is not like they (Uncle Sam’s cousins) are saying it, why didn’t you say it the way it is since the town criers started making noise about it. But you uprightly deny it.

You know Father, in information management, if you are not the first to break that news about an issue and your opponents break it, or let say the town criers break it, it will be difficult for you to convince the people no matter how you want to set the record straight.

The fact that you knew about this and decided not to inform your people in the first place make them to feel suspicious that there is more to it them you are saying. And that you are only trying to say this now because this has been said.

Father, if there is one thing lacking in this village council is the way they manage their information. It is better you be the first to say it before the town criers get to it.

Now, the other day I was at the Hill of learning when I heard some young men discussing how our sojar people have refused to go to the fence between our house and our neighbor’s house and that the big people are now looking for old rebel fighters now to go there.

Now, if the people do not come to manage this one, it will hurt them more than any other thing, trust me Father, because it has many implications.

To be continued.

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