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Lord, what are they telling us?

Dear Father:
Umm, what the people saying here about this money business. They think we will sit down here and let them make finding our village money container lazy? Let them be there.

But my son, I thought the people say no money lost again?
You say what Father, after inciting our entire village and making us to panic around here, somebody just come wake up one morning and say no money lost. They think that all to it ehn? So, tell me now what do you want them to say and how should they say it?

Me I want to be the doubting Thomas, I na want to only see paper. I want to go to the vaults and take pictures before I believe.
Father, you see, to be a leader is different from being under the Palaver hut, where you just stand and talk trash and everybody clap for you and go home empty headed.
What do you mean my son?

Father, you see, being a leader goes beyond trying to impress people with all kinds of flowery words and hypnotizing people, like a congregation in some Pentecostal or charismatic church who just make lot of noise but go home after service and not remembering 90 percent of what the preacher man said. No Father that is totally different.

The people sat in this village for nearly one month Father, helping to make us believe that indeed a container full with money went missing and just to turn around in less than 24 hours after the Country Giant came back from his meeting in Uncle Sam’s Village and told us how embarrassed he was by the way his friends asked him about it before they can come out to say nothing got missing-da news.

I say me, I want to be the doubting Thomas, I na want to only see paper. I want to go to the vaults and take pictures before I believe Can you imagine this Father, da na playing on people’s integrity? Yea mehn, let me speak big book sef.

But the Country Giant and his people say they blame yor the Town Crier them for spreading the news?
Nonsense! Nonsense Father. The people sat here when the story came up. They had all the time to call the people from the big money house and ask them what they know about the story, get firsthand information and tell them to check before coming out to say something. But that they did not do because everybody want to be heard so they came up and said yes, we have been looking into this thing since last month.

So, pray tell me that the Town Criers put figures in their throats or stood over them with gun and said if you don’t write something to say you are looking into this, we will shoot yor?But let say, if they had just said this thing the Town Criers are saying is serious, we are going to look inside it immediately and tell our people what the story is really, the tension wouldn’t have been high.

No, they didn’t do that. The first thing was for the Village Big Town Crier to go and tell the whole world that it was true that they were looking into money that came into the village unknown to the Country Giant.
Now, you see the difference, the Town Criers said money container lost. You went and carry the story further saying money came from three different villages and the Country Giant didn’t know about it and that you are looking into it.

The next day, yor people from yor camp come out and said oh yes, we saw pick-ups loaded with money leaving the shipping yard. Then you come and say certain people should not travel. Right there you have made the case very serious and got everybody talking.

So, Father, as I said they made the money matter serious and they should not come and give us lazy explanation-no. They should have first done all their house cleaning before coming out.Where was the people from the big money house when the news came out? Why were they not the first point of contact before shaming us to the whole world or whatever that calculation was it failed big time.

Father do they know that just by issuing that paper and the village Big Town Crier telling the whole world that we had money problem alone give the story all the weight it received with the interest it got from all over the place?
My son is it true that the Country Giant is picking at Dabo?

Yes, oo that is what I heard. But he able Dabo? He able Dabo? Ayaka! Da his song he’s going around singing, “You know GDP?” “You know GDP before road na go to this place or that place?” He able Dabo?

Let him ask the likes of Poverty Giant, the Economist, the Socialist, the Ray Hay man in Uncle Sam’s Cousin’s village and of most recent, the Sleeping Giant. These are all men, all well advanced in age enough to be called yor daddy-asked them they will tell you about Dabo. The good Old Book asks if a man can carry fire in his bosom and not get burn-I know this one will take some time to sink in-have a nice weekend.



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