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Lord, what do we really want?

Dear Father:

Puaah, so wait oo, when the people eyeballs were cleared, like real satellites, we had almost 90,000 invalid votes almost the number of people who registered in three of our village hamlets called counties. Now tell me, you think how many we will have a day after most of them had gotten drunk with all kinds of drinks, because whether we like it or not, those who love to be in the head will be drinking drinks on that day.

I know some people will say they are trying to make sure they stay within the village oracle to enable the Oldlady turn over legitimately, so that those making all kinds of noise for some interim arrangement to be put to shame.

So Father, the question now is what do we want as a village and people? Why are we so embroiled into so many fights just for personal greed and vendetta that we have to be putting our village and our children’s future at risk? We are all over the place demanding this and demanding that?

The truth be told, putting a voting day just after this all important universal holiday of merry making is a slap in the very face of the people and the result-trust me will be as terrible as the turn out.

Father, we don’t need a rocket scientist to tell us about the turnout, because trust me it’s going to be very low and some people will be looking at the ballot papers dazed from the night events-remember now, they will be drinking drinks.

You know, Father, I am really beginning to understand what our old people mean when they say if you praise the white chicken too much it will jump into the ray oil. And indeed, we are actually begging for trouble regardless of how you see it and from where you see it.

People say that’s the tenants of democracy. But democratic tenants left in the hands of selfish, greedy and wicked men and women who cares only about their bellies in total disregard to rules that guide this process, is an abuse of democracy itself.

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It’s like giving a child the freedom to roam freely in the house, without ensuring that he or she is cognizance of the rules and regulation that govern the home, sooner or later you will realize that the child is abusing that freedom. It will be too late if you don’t tell the child where his or her freedom begins and stops.

The other day there was some group of people in front of the voting house chanting that the big man over there steps down. Now, they don’t care about the implications of these demands all they want is that their voices should be heard- good!

At the same time, while they are doing this, there are some who are also demanding that they don’t want the Oldlady to preside over this voting.

So, who do they expect to appoint the new person, assuming that we wasted our time to listen to them just for the sake of the argument?

You know, I do like to cook though, and I have find out that over the period I have enjoyed cooking my own dishes, too many season can spoil the taste. Not all the various seasons are meant to go in every soup or use to season every meat or fish.

There are seasons for a specific kind of soup, meat or fish. And I have also found out that there are times for those seasons. If you want to season the meat you have to ensure it is season before boiling it. You can’t put the meat in the saucepan with water and you expect it to affect the meat, it will now be season for the soup not the meat.

What am I driving at here? You see Father, when people out of their own negligence don’t do the things they supposed to do from the beginning to achieve their desire results, and tried to do it when the time is past, no numbers of interventions can help you to achieve that desire result.

It is like what we say about students who study few minutes before a text: “it rains the whole of last night, you didn’t collect the water, and the dew won’t help you either.”

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