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Lord, what else can you expect?

Dear Father:
Huh, so they say this old man na take his behavior from the Traditional Council to the Elders at the Palaver Hut ehn? They say the man na carry his interest business at the place oo.

Who the man my son and what kind of behavior are you talking about?
Oh Father, you remember da oldman the Country Giant took from the Traditional Council sometime ago and took him to the Elders to join them at the Palaver Hut?
Yes, my son.

Ah, the man thinks he is still at the Traditional Council where they do things on interest basis oo.
You joking my son!

Am telling you some serious Father. The man thinks da interest business down there-where they can go from one person room to another saying this is my interest.
Wait now, he thinks that political ground there?

But what else can you expect from the man Father-most of the things the people do at the Traditional Council are pure politics and they don’t care much for the village Oracle, had it been the case asked my man who they used 4G approach to remove him from the Palaver Hut-It’s all about interest.

So that the same thing they say our man na carry to the Palaver Hut. They say he can’ sit down in his office these days running from one office to another telling the other Elders to go easy on his interest.

The other day my man say they were in a meeting talking to the head of the Palaver Hut, about how the Country Giant had appointed some people who did not go to our big Oracle school at the Hill of Learning- they say the man just walked in the meeting-nobody must touch the man, the man da my interest.

Can you imagine this Father? The man is wrongly place and if care is not taken he will destroy all the good things his friends have done trying to restore sanity at the Palaver Hut oo.

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Puah, you expect the monkey to leave his black hands behind-that’s what the man is used to-it’s all about the greed for money and power.

Yes, Father, like they often say a crook is always a crook no matter where he or she is found they will always exhibit their crooked ways. The person is already used to compromising for personal gain so what good can you expect of him where he is going around from one room to another identifying his interests.

We will learn sense in this village here. Ehn we na go nowhere yet-now he has turn his greedy hands on town criers while sitting behind the scene but his days are gradually being numbered.

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