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Lord, what is going on with this Ebola fight?

Dear Father:

You know, with the everyday news about the number of people this bad sickness is killing increasing by the day, one can’t help but wonder what is happening with the fight to kick this bad sickness out of our country.

Every day as we listen to the town criers and walk the streets of our village, we hear news of how much has been given and by whom-Even our own Old Lady tired of making her hand like cassava leaves to her friends all the time announce the first money. But still, there is no head no tale as where our village is heading. The number of people contracting the bad sickness and dying are terrifying.

Some people in the village have already started asking questions concerning this same money and what our people are really doing with it.

To tell you the truth Father, I don’t know what to think anymore-I mean who to believe and what to believe.

You see my son, there are several things in your village that you must keep your distance from, two must be considered your worst enemies, that is stubbornness and denial.

What do you mean Father?

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You see my son, your people are too stubborn. Like the children of old in the Good Old Book, they refused to take instructions and their stubbornness has led them to the state of denial and so they shall continue to die like dogs till they learn to follow simple instructions.

For example my son, the people say when somebody died, don’t touch the body-the people will still go ahead and touch the dead body or sick person on grounds that different thing affecting the person and not the bad sickness. IS that not being stubborn?

It is so Father.

Again my son, they say when you come in contact with a sick person who died of the disease you should report yourself to be placed under 21-day observation. What do the people do, don’t they runaway to hide themselves in another community thereby spreading it to that new community they have sneaked in?

This is so true Father.

Now, you complained that monies have been announced and given to help in the fight that will kick this big sickness away from your village but have seen no sign or impact?

Yes, Father.

You know my son, I told you there are several things in your village you must keep your distance from. You see self interest above national interest and greed, those are two related evils that always walk side by side.

Whenever you find those two rearing their ugly heads in anything just note that there will be trouble ahead.

Ay, what do you mean by this one Father?

My son, this one is a wise saying that you have to take note of. There will always be other people coming in to feed on your problems and therefore be wise. For some, trouble is a new form of investment for them while others it’s time to maximize profit or get rich. As a result, there will be other who will cry more than the bereave because they have to use your situation to get their aims accomplished. You can only find inside of greed and selfishness and it becomes more dangerous when this act is being perpetrated by your own. To be continued.

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