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Lord, What Is Good For the Goose Should Be Good For the Gander

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Dear Father,

Did I hear that the Little Chief has threatened to drag the Village Treasurer to the House of Elders? Ah ha ha ha ha, ooh ha ha ha ha ha…

But wait na my son, you asked the question, you did not wait for the answer and you are laughing ha ha ha ha, like that.

Father it is so funny, that this big mouth Little Chief who says he can make a whole village unmanageable for the Old Lady would be crying wolf because a handful of boys had gathered at his backyard. And not only that but he is blaming the Village Treasurer for being the mastered mind just because the boys have made the place so hot for him.

Isn’t it funny my son, the person who says he can put millions on the street to make a village unmanageable for another person is now crying wolf and looking for scapegoats just because a handful of boys have gone behind his house to ask him to step down too?

But the Little Chief say the boys who are behind him are actually being sponsor by the Village Treasurer. Come to think of this can the villagers also say that he had been sponsored by others to issue the kinds of threats he had been issuing too?

Look, Father, our people say pepper can’t hurt in dog one eye. So what is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Anyway, if I may ask, what kind of complain is he going to carry to the House of Elders under the Palava Hut? Is he going to present proof or just make noise as he normally does by hallucinating all over the place?

Father, is this Little big mouth Chief saying that he only knows how to throw blow but he can’t stand blow? Hasn’t he heard the saying if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones and if you can’t stand blow don’t throw blow?

What do you mean my son?

But Father, haven’t you heard? They say the Little Chief had for the past week been pushing his likes to gather in front of the Treasury with placards in their hands which have funny inscriptions written on them describing the Treasurer and calling him all kinds of names?

Now, when he was doing it didn’t he know that the Treasurer too could gather his own people and do likewise to him? Didn’t he know that he should have had the bolls to stand tension? Or he just talk by heart without realizing that it takes men to say and do what he does?

You know for a second there Father, I am so disappointed in this guy. Not only am I disappointed in him but that he (Little Chief) reminds me of children. They like to be the first to pick a fuss with their older but when the older person just touch them small they screamed over their voices as if the person is killing them.

But you know what Father, I think the Little Chief has just exposed his own weakness. His strength is only on the outside from where he sits and just say things and get away because nobody is going to hold him to that after all talk is free and to criticize people is the simplest thing to do. But to do what the person is being criticized for is another thing all together and this is what has caught up with this Little Chief.

It was easy for him to be heard screaming above his voice on the Town Criers Airwave, but now he has been placed in leadership and therefore has found himself on the firing line too.

Are you saying the Little Chief has disappointed the young people?

Father, it is too early to say that one. All I can say is that this Little Chief with all his big mouth inciting people in this village to bring it to a halt is just a scary little rat who can’t stand a small provocation -a 0.001% of what he does to others.

Father and this is scaring because imagine if this Little Chief and his people take village power it means they will not be able to withstand the kind of provocations and demonstrations they have being carrying out against others. And this might likely lead to witch hunts and secret disappearances of people!!!

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