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Lord, What Is Happening Here?

Dear Father,

What is really happening in this our village here? We say we want some people to come and look at our records, I mean the way we do our village business and to find out where all the bad, bad thing them are going on. But when the people too looked at them and say it, then big palaver come all over the place.

So what can bring the palaver now? Ay, Father, they say the way the people who can look at the records can behave sef, is enough to put you whose records they are to look at off and in fact not willing to deal with them.

What do you mean when the people are being paid by the village people to do so? I know they are being paid by the village people but the way they go about doing their work as if they go with the intention to catch rogues-It is like they are already aware that the person can steal, so their mission now is to confirm that the person has actually stolen and that is the one bringing all these palavers.

You think so? You think the people from that place just go around trying to catch rogues, and if that was their aim why don’t we have a lot of big, big people in this village in prison by now? That is the one million Uncle Sam’s money question I keep asking myself, but have not been able to find an answer, all because of the palaver and noise all over the place.

Now, I heard that some of the people who suppose to look at these records are going all around the place misquoting people just to implicate them and prove that everybody who works in our village council is a born criminal.

So, tell me what is bringing all this new palaver and who are they? Huh, Father ehn you know the guy who was once our village strategic planner, the guy who was responsible for managing how we spend our village money and who get what, the elephant meat you know. Yes, okay they say the record verification people said he should account for some huge sum of Uncle Sam’s money.

For true, yes oo Father. They say the man who is now the big man at our village money house is responsible for that amount. But the man says he cannot imagine how the people will say such a thing when in fact what they are talking about is totally insane.

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That the one bringing all this palaver? Not all oo Father, even the people from the House of Learning are also complaining of how they were misquoted, and are also questing the motive of these record verification people. I see. Is it true too that the people from Health Care House are also complaining? Ay, I say it is plenty.

So, they say what our guy from the village money house had to say about that? Huh, they say your man was very furious and say it looks like the chief for the village record verification people, has a different agenda. What kind of agenda Father? Ay, enh they say he wants to be our next village chief and in order to do so he has to continue to discredit the Old Lady and her people to present himself as the redeeming angel? Who told you so, even if the guy has any such agenda, I don’t think he would want to do it in that manner and faction.

Well, that you can believe everybody, that the same way you trusted that Zoe and his Cursed Priestess and today look at you-you saw how they treated you like a common criminal putting your name in the paper as if you stole from them. You will learn the hard way.

Father, there is always a means to an end. They meant it for evil but I think you meant it for good. Today, ehn I am my own man standing shoulder to shoulder with the Zoe and his Cursed Priestess. They will poo and pee on themselves in their old age because the evil that man do live after them.

And all they think, they have succeeded but the worst is yet to meet them. For me it can take ages but they will certainly get their reward, the hard way too. And their disgrace will be so huge.

You, I just asked you one question and you have gone around saying all of these? It shows that you are really obsessed with the Zoe and his Cursed Priestess, obsessed is an overstatement, it is good to always remind people of their evil deeds and let people know those who parade themselves in public as angels are nothing but the devil’s incarnate.

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