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Lord, what is it we are hearing about this new money?

Dear Father:
Hmm, did I hear say we can get new money in our village within two weeks or my hearing thing spoil? Um but if da true then da will be 4G printing oo.
What do you mean my son, can’t you see that no money in the village and so, so tear, tear money on the village market?

Father, but where the new money the people say they printed during the Old Lady time? I thought our big, big people no money got missing why they can’t put it outside na instead of going to print new money again.
My son, haven’t you heard?
Heard what Father?

Haven’t you heard that the people who get the money are hiding it and don’t want to bring it outside.But Father, let me ask you something ya, because Flomo used to say the stranger that ask questions can’t miss the road. If our people know that the new money did not go missing and it is still in our village why they can’t just go for it and put it outside one time?

To me eh, the people talking like they know who all get the money so the best thing is to go to their houses and tell them to put it outside because 16 billion da na small money there for people to be keeping to their houses. Let them put it outside so people can stop suffering mehn.

Hmm, my son, I wish it was that simple.
What do you mean Father, are you saying you know other things that I don’t know. I pray thee tell me what about this that is not that simple?
You see my son, the big, big people are just playing with your in this village here.
Umm, what do you mean Father?

My son, the people know that they can’t find da money anywhere, and so they are just playing games with your.Ehn, playing games with us abi? I hope they know how to play that game well oo, because I think they are playing it with themselves because trouble don’t dey for their backyards.

Okay let say da na the missing money they are talking about. Let say they want to do new printing of new one, Father my heart na satisfy oo-I smell something. Look, just few days ago that other papay knockout from that place and they haven’t put anybody there yet. So tell me who will sign da new money there?

Hayaka, you see where I coming from eh. So it means if they will print additional money in two weeks then it will be da money they say na missing. They will just print small and flood the village with it because it will be an opportunity for the people who have buried it in their houses to put it outside.But if we see new money in two weeks with da papay who have just knockout from the place there then it means our man them fini printing da money ever since oo. Um, yes oo Father, then da na small wahala we inside so oo.

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My son, it is better you wait and listen to see what the people will say.I know Father, but am confused. Is it that the money they want to print in two weeks is the one they say not missing or a totally new money. We the people of this fiefdom want to know, we are scare before water don pass gari.

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