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Lord, What Is wrong With These Noisy Chiefs?

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Dear Father,

They say what kind na noise those chiefs have been making at the Traditional Council there? Oh, I heard they say the other chiefs from the hamlets with the plenty people are saying that they will not do anything if the people do not put this population thing on the ground of the Tradition Council.

What do you mean by that? Oh, eh you know this population thing they can do then the voting people go check and say okay this place here da where this other village suppose to stop? Ehn, when they do that they suppose to put it at a particular number but the Chief them from the hamlets with the plenty people say, the way things are going they want the thing to be passed quick, quick.

But wait oh, Father, da which one of the Chiefs them? Is it the ones from the Upper side of the Traditional Council or the ones from the Lower side of the Traditional Council?

Father, da the one them from the Lower side oo. But wait oo, da watin run with these chiefs, I thought they passed that thing ever since and sent it to the other chiefs at the Upper side, so why are they making all kinds of noise here?

As far as we know in this village they have nothing to do with it again. It is the people from the Upper side who suppose to be making this noise around here and not them. The thing is Father legally; they have passed it and are suppose to be putting pressure on the other chiefs from the Upper end of the Traditional Councils and not to be turning our village sacred Traditional Council into a rebel based. I na know which factions they get inside there sef.

I think, the people na want do anything ya Father. Are you sure? Yes Father. How can something come before you, you fini with it everything and send it to another person then you come back again to sit down and make some stupid grumble saying, I na agreed. Then they get some people backing them too, non sense!

As far as our village is concern only the people from the Upper side suppose to be saying we na go greed, let the chiefs from the lower side look at this thing again.

Eh that the same thing Chief Boswan go tell the other people, he say you na sell your land and accepted payment so let the people have their land. The time you had the thing right before you, you na make noise, the thing na go to your friend them now, that the time you want be hallucinating around here wasting our village merger resources saying you fighting for speedy passage. And that in whose eyes you want to put your smoke?

That one Father, it is no show of nationalism, it is just the waste of resources, because all the time they are taking to be passing around here making all these unnecessary noise and turning that sacred place in to a theater like some high school students, they should have been talking other serious matter concerning our village.

You mind them, they are behaving like a man who has a woman and did not take good care. But after losing it to somebody else before they he starts making noise all over the place how the woman this, how the man who took her is that.

The way it looking na, some of them only waiting for the village national cake to finish so they can go start campaigning, while collecting free money.

So, you say, that we the poor taxpayers coming to finance the people voting thing in this village? Oh, if you don’t know sit down there. Next year da voting in this village oo, so corned man them want to do everything to come back.

But Father, these people think we in this village are stupid ehn? They think we will just put them back in that Traditional Council for causing unnecessary noise and chopping for nothing money. Some of them better start thinking about where to make their farms after 2012. 

Are you saying some of the chief them no talk sense all the time they were there? I na say so, because even some plank sellers there did well too. Who the plank seller ther na, Ah, ah Father, da other question, I can’t answer it now, even cooked bowl sellers are all there. What’s about drugs dealers, da one I na know anything please. Me I na want my sleeping place to change ya.

But one thing Father, this village is not going to put any square pig in round hole again. We na coming to make any hustler come claim over our head again.

Okay before I go they say those so-called progressive or Retrogressive people are fighting amongst themselves ehn? But Father, to you those people can ever unit. The only thing they know is trouble, back biting and internal bickering, nothing else. That group they are forming trust me it will na go anywhere. If it holds let hair grow in my palm.


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