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Lord, what will the Ray Hay man be thinking right now?

Dear Father:

You know, the other day I heard that the Footballer was going to announce how he was joining forces with the Rogue disgraced Paramount Chief who was booted out of the Traditional Council because he could not keep his hands off the cookies jar.

Are you for real?

Trust me Father, I would have just sighed that off, had it stopped right there because I would have understood how politics, they say make strange bed feathers. But to also hear that the Footballer was joining forces with the remnants of the Ray Hay man, the very man he had opposed or hated till he had to leave football and joined politics makes me even sicker.

But isn’t why they say politics makes strange bed feathers, my son?

Father, are they saying it is absolutely true that power blind the eyes of those who desperately desire it to the point that even if it means hanging their own reputation for a dry? I mean that is if any of them have a reputation in the first place.

But besides that though, I wonder how the Ray Hay man will be feeling in that his little room at the moment, to see your children running to your enemy for survival? And the most painful part is your wife, the woman you shared your bed with now selling your remnants to your swore enemy.

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Can you imagine that Father, it’s like your worst enemy taking over everything you ever stood for including your wife and kids. How terrible that can be when especially you are in a position where nothing you say matters anymore.

But come to think of such a marriage Father, for me it shows that the Footballer is desperate to the point that he thinks it okay to join forces with a group that came out of an establishment that raged havoc in our village. It tells me that he believe in them from the very start of everything and like many people here agreed that these people had been right all along.

You know for a second there Father, it just tells me that the Footballer really doesn’t care about the poor people in this village as has been the impression given around here. A Paramount Chief who was disgraced for stealing and a group formed by a man that destroyed everything we ever had, to the point that you, yourself could not stand him-something that forced you to take off your football jersey to come and wear coat suit and now you feel proud to be joining forces, mehn you are a contradiction of your own believe.

Anyway, you guys go ahead, let the Rooster and Handshake be jabbing themselves around here. Let them keep fighting amongst themselves and keep extending the list of enemies; they will have themselves to blame.

Ehn, they say cat that dog, let them be there. In as much as I think the Footballer’s joining of forces with a group he had long hated and a disgraced Paramount Chief, I think he is positioning himself whether we like it or not to take over the Castle. Let some people be day dreaming. When the time comes, we share see and that famous statement of “I told you so” will resonate all over the place.

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