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Lord, what you don’t respect, you don’t benefit

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Dear Father:

You know, the old people say the thing you don’t respect, you don’t expect to benefit from it. This is something that people in our village have not come to terms with yet.

Ay my son, which one you have started again?

Father, this is true. anything you don’t respect, why would you want to benefit from it? The fact that you shunned it, means it is of no value to you. But here, they know deep down in their hearts that they have no regard for it, but when push comes to shove then they go right back running for help to a thing that they had regarded useless.

What are you trying to get at my son?

Father, you know in this village of ours, town criers are considered as failed young men and women who have nothing else to do but to end up with a pen pushing job. In fact, in most instances, they are considered blackmailers, yellow pen pushers or join the list.

Truly, Father, we have such fakes amount the town criers but that doesn’t mean they should be treated with the kind of contempt with which they are now being treated. So, you see why they say some people will go and paid Uncle Sam’s money 200 million to some strange town criers who are not part of our village?

And as if these things have not been enough, just the other day the people who are in front of sickness palaver called all the big, big town criers to a meeting. They said the meeting was to ask these big, big town criers to help them spread messages that will inform our village people that this big sickness is still around.

The people told the town criers, like they will always do as if they really need their help but they don’t-and this was one of such meetings. So they came to ask the town criers for ideas, but as smart as they think they are, they have already prepared what they wanted and had shared it with some of the town criers. They say it was prepared by their friends from Uncle Sam and his Cousin’s villages, but at the same time they wanted the village town criers ideas.

Can you imagine this Father? Somebody who has no respect for what you do coming  now to ask you for help? How do they expect to benefit from what I do, if they don’t have respect for it?

In the first place from top to bottom in our village none of them respect communication. They think standing to talk plenty is communication. You want town criers to spread messages for you but when you are planning the messages they are not considered because according to you they gat nothing good to say.

So the people who don’t have any idea running through their brains that you can’t even sit with to discuss the village issues, do you think they will be able to carry your messages well-nonsense!

Father, if you think as a town crier, my opinion and comments don’t matter, don’t call me when you have a problem. Don’t use me to justify the people money you are eating especially when it is intended to be spent on the kind of job that I do.

Don’t sit and chop the people money and come days after to call for my help when all hell has broken loose. You don’t deserve my help because you have no respect for the work I do. If you have respect for it , you will place me right at the beginning of the planning and discussion process.

But I don’t blame these people Father, I blame some of my friends in this town crying business that have allowed greedy and corrupt people who have no regard for what they do in the first place to come back asking them to use what they don’t respect to help them. This is the greatest deceit and disrespect for me in this town crying business Father.

Anyway, this is the kind of village we find ourselves in, where there are a lot of square pigs getting stock in round holes deceiving themselves that they are by far better than others.

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