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Lord, what’s the big deal?

Dear Father:
Umm, I remember when the Old Lady came on the throne newly she had gone to Uncle Sam’s cousin village where she informed the people there about how her administration have done this and that. Meanwhile in our national cake there were no allocation or line to point to those deliverables she was claiming as being the doing of her and her kitchen cabinet.

So, upon her return to our village during a meeting with senior Town Criers, I asked the Old Lady, all the big mouth you were making in Uncle Sam’s cousin village as to how you and your people have done this and that, where is it in our national cake, show it to me, because what I see here that so, so salary for you and your people nothing here pointing to anything. All the things I see going on around here are being done by donors and friends.

Father, I was amazed of the Old Lady’s answer. She said “whether da donor do it ooh or who do it ooh, da our money.” And she was right though.

What do you mean my son?
You see Father, everything you see donors and some friendly villages doing here, are money already put in place for our village and no individual can take credit for it. The people will not give it to you because of you, they give it for the use and benefit of the village and its people.

My son where are you going with this?
Father, you see these few days I have been hearing a lot of noise both on social media and on most of our town criers’ platforms, with many of the people claiming how the Footballer’s first visit to Pekin Land, he got more money, while others are saying da na true the Old Lady got more money than the Footballer.

Father, first of all these two people are by no means in any competition, like they were in 2005 or say 2011. They are the faces and representations of our village at their own terms. The Old Lady started and ended her own. The Footballer has come to do his own and he will leave when his time finish.
What is good about it is that whatever, he will leave uncompleted just as the next person come they should be able to follow up on it. So, for people to think that the promise made by the Leader of Pekin Land to give money to our village to do some fine things here was just said out of the blue should think again.

Why are you saying so my son?
Father, it’s very simple, those were some of the things that were left on the plates of the Old Lady and credit to the Footballer it’s just good that he going after some of those good things and making sure that they come to the village.

So when I hear people making noise on social media as to who is doing more and who did not do more, it just makes me sick in the stomach and wonder the breed of human kinds we are.
You know my son, it reminds me of the story of Paul and Apollo’s in the Good Old Book, where the new converts were trying to draw a distinction and bring the two people heads together. One group said I am of Paul another group said I am of Apollo. Paul had to tell them wait guys, Apollo and I are working for the same purpose, one plants and another waters. One starts the foundation, another come and lay bricks. We both working together for the same goal and the same person.

Yes, Father, that is exactly the point. People have nothing to do but to make unnecessary noise out of everything. The Footballer has repeated said he will continue from where the Old Lady has stopped. The Old Lady has said she will work to make sure the Footballer succeeds and that if he fails, it means she has failed.

So, it’s always confusing to me when I see people making all kinds of noise in our village as if the two people can’t see eye to eye. Now, one thing they don’t know is that before the Footballer came to talk to us about the suffering in our village and how he intends to do something about it, he had to spend almost three hours with the Old Lady that weekend picking her brains. Does this look like somebody who wants to see himself as competing with someone who is gradually becoming his political mental?
Phew, I beg you people mehn, let us think of how we all can help make our village better than to be arguing on trivial matters. What sort of cheap political scores people are looking for around here. At the end of the day it’s the people of our village will benefit neither of the two will take it to their bedrooms.


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