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Lord, When Baboon Ready To Die It Can’t Hear Whistle Sound

Dear Father,

My grandfather always used to remind me saying, a baboon that is destined to die never hears the whistle sound. Then of late, I have learned from the newly crowned celebrated Bassa King Singer, Sundaygar Dearboy, that when you by-pass your respect you meet up with your disgrace. My son, what are you driving at again with your baboon story, you aren’t tire with this monkey –baboon thing yet?


Father, it is not these people monkey-baboon thing oo, it is about people greed and desire to get state power by all means no matter how. They don’t care whether it throws our village backwards or not. They are so blinded by their desires to ascend to state power that they don’t care about the kind of statements they make and what it does to their characters or what kind of image it presents about them, especially when they have made the whole world to believe that they are peace loving people-when the truth is they are just not.

You see, one thing about true character is that it has a way of surfacing, no matter how long you try to pretend it will surely rear its ugly head one day. That is why you hear statement like this: “You don’t really know me or today you will surely know me.”  Now, this is a person that has been very quiet for long and many people consider as very harmless, but it has come to a point that his true character that dictatorial, selfish, greedy side of him must show up. And then he or she comes along and say: “you think I am stupid ehn.”

But my son, are they not peace loving people? Father, words that come from our mouth is what makes us. That is why it is written: “I have sworn by my own words.” You see, nobody knows who you are and what you think until you open your mouth and start speaking.

And don’t forget, the Good Old Book says just as man thinks, so is he. You cannot boast of being a peace loving person when statements coming from your mouth are words of violent threats and chaotic.

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You cannot say you are peace loving when your pronouncements are chaotic. So, nobody should fool people here that they are lovers of peace when their pronouncements and attitudes say otherwise.

Okay, maybe I am not getting something here, what a person true character and utterance has to do with what your grandfather used to tell you or what you have leaned from the Bassa King Singer?

You see Father, people are ridding around here boasting that they are lovers of peace and not war mongers, but they are pushing a lot of secret agendas behind the scene. Now, what they are forgetting to know is that people are watching them. The eye of the Pyramid is watching them and their little international fame they have earned over the years, little do they know that by their utterances it is eroding gradually. Let them sit there and think this is just a political game.

Can you imagine Father, you worked hard to earn your respect both international and locally just to go allow some people who do not have any thing call integrity and have nothing to lose ride on such integrity and dent you for life? That is the whistle sound that the baboon is not getting.

At this stage the baboon is enjoying the fame, the only man to be listened to and the only voice surrounded by men and women of very low integrity, bunch of losers who statements just like a sounding brass, but in a society of gullible majority they are hailed as something when in effect they worth nothing, every empty they are.

But you know Father, they say the breeze that can disgrace the chicken can always come from behind and that breeze has started blowing and will surely come to pass.

But you know, again, Father, when a person is limited, he or she can be manipulated in so many ways and at time becomes a prisoner of your own making.

My son, this one that philosophy you preaching here o. No, Father, he that has ears will hear. One good thing I know is that this village is not for one person, it is for all of us and where one person’s right ends, another’s right begins. We are not saying they should not go on with their  threats and all that their political rhetoric but at the end of the day they should just know that we need our village in peace because some of us have invested here and are not like them who do not have one kitchen to show as property.

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