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Lord, When Baboon Ugly, It Ugly

Dear Father,

So they say some big, big town crier them took some plenty money from somewhere to black list that Rude TV Man who can be cursing people all over the place ehn. I even heard that they also included our village chief town crier for going after rude people like the TV Man. Yes, oo, my son. They say it was not easy that night.

Tell me something Father!  Father, me I know the TV Man does not respect his mother, but if they took money to black list him, then it na good at all.

Ay, I thought they say you were a part of the town crier them that black listed the man. Me, you mean the grouping or the group of people who collected the money? I mean the group of people who collected the money.

Father, you should know me by now, my owner money them I can eat are money that do not have no wahala, money such as the one the people are talking about around here can run people stomach and that na good money.

But, you think your friend them get time for running stomach? You na hear what the book people say “make use of the opportunity as it comes” while you want to get it in another form your friend them are making use of the opportunity.

Okay, Fahter, from the way you are talking it looks like you have the proof that these town criers really took something and if so who gave it to them and what was the person’s motive?

My son, that other question, that na on me you coming do your journalism work. Me I can’t answer but just guess who do you think will benefit most when this rude man stop cursing all over the place.

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Father, I understand one other young girl who was among the group did not play to dance. They say she was so happy that they gave her Uncle Sam money 700 and her other friend the same thing.

Father, is it true that the two town criers who collected the money told their friends that the sender gave them uncle Sam’s money 10,000. Yes, oo my son. But was that the actual amount they declared?

My son, it is hard to talk, because from what I heard the two people told their friends that the amount was just the initial one and that more was to come but the only way the balance was to come was for them to announce to the entire village first that they were blacklisting these people. I see.

Father, is it also true that they declared other town criers as bastard children who were on their own including your humble servant? Yes, oo, my son that what I heard oo. They say somebody asked them about you and other people but they say the four of you were on your own. But Father, me I na surprise sef. Me I know that how it was going to end up.

You see, that is why I always tell people it is good to cry your own cry because if all of you put your tears together and people start to look at yor and give yor some attention, some people will say their tears are more than the others, meaning they were crying out louder.

The way this voting time is coming I know we are going to hear a lot of things in this village and people will come in all kinds of form, but if we are na careful, we could be beaten for nothing while others enjoy and we take the blame.

Look, not too long ago big, big town criers in this town came together to recognize their own strength, but the way they have started is something that if care is not taken, is going to lose its essence. Anyway, they say what is happening between the Old Soja Man and is people who ran away from him?

Oh, you haven’t heard, they say the people na take the case to the Traditional Council oo. I learned it was the other chief who lodged the complaint before the other chiefs at the Traditional Council. And from what I am hearing Father, that going before the Elders at the Palaver Hut we talking so oo.

The people say, the Old Soja has accused them of sliming his chances to become president in our village and for that reason; he has paid some people to do their work. I heard that the people are willing and ready to say this thing at the Palaver Hut any day.

But it looks like the Old Soja Man too get plenty problem oo, because he is also accussed the Old Lady for being behind his sickness. The man says that the Old Lady and her people are the ones making him sick because he is the only one who can beat her in 2011.

I beg him ya, you na heard the latest dream in town? What dream, Oh you haven’t heard the man who says that he dreamt Government Bone was elected president in our village for two terms. So, let the Old Soja Man wait, because he is not the only person who is close to beating the Old lady that is if the Old Lady will just sit down without fighting back.

Huh, Father, have they told Government Bone this dream?  Mm, maybe by now he has heard it. I hope he doesn’t get swollen headed oo, because that the same thing the people use to tell the Bassa Chief and he went ahead to even sew his inaugural suit oo and at the end he got so frustrated till he did not even know how the run-off was conducted.

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