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Lord, when the enemy is within

Dear Father:
You know, there is a common saying that when the enemy within don’t sell you, the ones outside will never have access to you no matter how hard they try. Here in our village, we have a parable that says, if your house don’t sell you, the street won’t buy you.

Hmmm, that’s so true my son.
Sometimes these can be people you considered as friends that you bring closer to you. But in the end, they feel so equal with you out of jealousy and greed, they grieve themselves all day long spreading lies and gossips at the same time poisoning everyone around you to make you look like an evil person.

My son!
Yes, Father, it’s so pathetic how people you sometimes pick up from the street out of sympathy can also turn out to be your worst enemies. And they do so because of the evil nature in them like the devil, their father, who was created by God and instead of remaining a faithful worship leader, he considered himself equal with God and poison other Angels to rebel against the Old Man.

They are the ones who try to pay you evil for good- even after they have given you every reason to trash them out of your sight, yet you still keep your compassion on them. They will find an ally in someone to fight you dearly behind the scene-while they still remain dependent on your sweat and blood to put food on their tables.

Father, these are the enemies within-they are like green serpents in green grass, they act like they are for you but behind your back they dangerously seek your down fall.A friend of mine was sharing his experience with me the other day and I could see myself in his situation.

Yes, Father, this guy form a little organization where he invited someone he once knew not really a friend but he tried to help this guy introducing him here and there as a partner. Overtime, Father those few introduction and title got in the person head the next thing my friend said, this guy started poisoning everybody within his organization and not only that he was also stealing so my friend said he stopped him from all financial engagement.

My Friend told me this young man would go to his friends who have helped him or render possible helps and spread lies, yet he behaved like a trusted person.

He would go as far as inciting staffs against my friend quietly and telling them what action to take against this person he calls his friend and yet pretend before my friend as a loyal and trusted person.
Father, the one that really made me to share similar sentiment with my friend was when this man instigated a worker to take my friend to the people who are responsible to talk in workers matter. My friend said whenever he is in the office that is the time this guy will call and say your come serve the man he is in office.

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Hmmm, my son you see witchcraft behavior?
Yes oo, Father, this is how we sometimes form our own monsters. They create imaginary stories against you and in such a gullible society where everybody envy any little success you can imagine what we are going through with those we try to help along the line who don’t see it as help but consider themselves as equal beneficiaries and grieve over entitlements that they gathered through the figment of their imaginations.

No wonder their lives never improve. They make every effort to find other means but you see God na like ugly. They can’t succeed in other endeavors because their hearts are evil. Somebody trying to help you but you have launched a campaign behind the scene to destroy the person, how will you be blessed?

The old man Jude said in the good old book that jealousy and greed has taken over. You grieved yourself over somebody success because you think you should be equal with the person yet when they turn you outside down you gat nothing to offer but an undermining spirit.

That’s the enemy within, they are the main destroyer!
So what advice did you give your friend?
Father, the only thing I told him was just be careful, because the next ting the person must be planning if they don’t succeed in bring him down is to pois on him for death.

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