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Lord, when the house don’t sell you, the street will not buy you!

Dear Father:

It was one of our famous comedians, the late Flomo, who  often used this proverb in most of his dramas-that ” if the house don’t sell you, the street will not buy you”. I know many will argue that this proverb has been around for a long time and indeed it has. But sometimes one must give credit to an individual who popularized  it in plays and dramas.

You starting with another parable again my son?

Father, not really, but do you know that many of our brothers and sisters from our village living in the comforts of Uncle Sam’s backyard  really don’t want to have anything to do with people from our village at this time of crisis?

Tell me something my son!

Ooh yes, Father, these hypocrites only call and pretend to be in sympathy  with us, but let one of us from here travel to Uncle Sam’s village, they will not want to come near your dwelling place for fear that you have parceled the big sickness with you and have gone to infect them.

Are you serious?

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Yes, Father, in many cases most of them don’t want to have anything to do with their friends and families who travelled from our village there except for a few .

Worst of all there are some of them who go around collecting funds and items in the name of sending it back home but end up disappearing into their pockets and somewhere else.

These are the people who sits in the backyards of Uncle Sam’s village and pretend to be champions of democracies and all sort of nonsense back home.

I heard a story about a woman who had come to visit her relative but none were willing to pick her up from the airport except a friend she knew way back that took her home. So why send for her in the first place when you know she is coming from your village where the big sickness is? Imagine if she never had a friend, what would have happened to her?

One other friend told me on the phone how he was afraid that some people were coming from our village to be stopping at their house and he didn’t know what to do. Can you imagine this Father, and these are people who will call back home pretending to be concern about the situation but will not rejoice if a brother or sister who has been able to survive the sickness.

One told me it is the stigma associated with people from our village that make them to stay away from persons coming from here. When I asked what do you mean, you know what that shameless son of a bitch told me Father?

No, my son?

That son of a bitch was brave to tell me that they only shy away from people coming from our village to avoid being stereotype by others. He said once other people from our village know that you have someone from here  visiting , they will pass the news around and nobody will come around him or her  for the next 21-days.

you mean they coming to stay at your house,” a sister told me as she welcome a family from back home. She said those were the comments being made by other so-called brothers and sisters from our village.

So Father , you see instead of them trying to educate their host about the sickness and why there is no need to panic once the person is not showing any signs or symptoms, they rather create room for people travelling from our village to be looked upon as the virus.

So don’t mind all those posts on the various social media saying “I am ....I am not the virus”. It is just a charade.

It is so shameful that people will not practice what they preach, and many of our poor people back home when they hear these hypocrites they think they mean any good, not knowing some of their broke asses can’t even afford a telephone bill before I say internet or get a decent place to stay.

It’s a shame or our brothers and sisters who despise relatives and friends from back home for fear of being infected with the virus. No wonder their hosts behave the way they do. Indeed, when the house doesn’t sell you the street will not buy you.

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