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Lord, When Will This Zoe Stop Being Childish & Hateful?

A friend told me the other day that if you stand to doge blows coming after you all of the time and you do not react, one of two things is likely to happen to you; you are either going to be hardly hit one of these days while dogging or people are going to call you lazy and stupid.

Dear Father,

Do you know what they say about putting up with mean, hateful and hypocritical people? They say, you should consider them as sandpapers. They will scratch and scrub you all over the place, inside; out, but at the end, you end up clean, smooth and polish nice, while they remain stock up in their miserable state, with their end being and worse off than their beginning.

So, Father, let the Zoe and his witch, oh, I mean his Cursed Priestess who is yet to experience motherhood continue with their un-repented hateful attitude, planning evil everyday against people who don’t have the slightest thought of them. No wonder, his Cursed Priestess have not experience any motherhood since birth,  because of her un-repented and  wicked attitude- always planning how to destroy other people, when in effect they have no time for them and want to just move on with their lives.

I understand she had to put her hand on her head here for more than three months when they put their mouths to where they never had their money.

Father, it is always good to keep quiet and play people low especially people you have respected and serve over the years and not to bring them into disrepute. But the local song writer says “if you by-pass your respect, you will meet up with your disgrace,” and I think this Zoe and his witch, I mean his Cursed Priestess are getting on my reserve, by-passing their respects.

A friend told me the other day that if you stand to doge blows coming after you all of the time and you do not react, one of two things is likely to happen to you; you are either going to be hardly hit one of these days while dogging or people are going to call you lazy and stupid.

Why are you sounding so fussy today?  Umm, Father, haven’t you heard the news? What news? Oh, haven’t you heard how the Zoe from that Secret Society I denounced the other day has paid the same police officer he bribed to harass me for the machine which I bought from him and his Cursed Priestess,  with my hard earned money has come to my office to harass one of my friends who left the same Society bush under some conditions that could be termed as bad labor practice.

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But wait oo Father; is it not the same Zoe, who writes about human rights abuses and draconian laws?  Yes, but don’t you know the guy is the worse abuser of human rights and I don’t know why Uncle Sam’s cousins continue to pump money into him to continue to violate other people’s rights in this village. Father, you know this Zoe doesn’t believe in anything he writes, it’s all about the l’argent.

You remember what the good old book says about such people? It describes them as sheep in wolf clothing; they criticize what they do not know. And in what they know they are very corrupt. They appear to be decent role models in society but in actual fact they are the devils incarnates.

But you, haven’t you heard that it the Zoe’s Priestess who is behind all of this pushing him to do things he may not want to do even hating his so-called families, so-called because they gat no connection-The Zoe is a dame foreigner from one of our neighboring countries. The guy is an opportunist, who takes advantage of anything and anybody available to be used.

But Father, has this Zoe found out why his Cursed Priestess is pushing him so far? I don’t know, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know, Father. You know where the Zoe and his Cursed Priestess are currently squatting, the Village wants to give them some specified amount, but the Zoe says he wants somewhere around Uncle Sam’s 350,000. And you know his Priestess, how she loves l’argent and maybe this is why she wants to send him to his early grave -And since he does not have any family member in our village so she alone can chop that plenty money.

All that thing you talking, don’t you know the Zoe told his so-called people that you and your friend crooked him and that your friend was ungrateful to him?

Father, hear who is talking about people crooking somebody and ungratefulness. Wasn’t it this same Zoe, a man and his family clothed and fed in Cote d’voire and yet he wrote insulting letters against them to a friend? Unfortunately for him, he forgot to post the letter, so when he left the room he had been sheltered for years and it was later discovered by his hosts.

Is that not being ungrateful? No, Father, you tell me, if that is not being ungrateful? Okay, what about somebody who serve you faithfully and left you and you are hunting him, instead of appreciating him, you want to destroy his future. Is that not being ungrateful? People who help you to be where you are you turn your back on them is that not being evil minded?

Okay, the Zoe told his so-called family member about people crooking him. If somebody buys something from you with money and you lied through your teeth, saying that they did not give you money, is that not crooking someone? Okay what about the 4-1-9 story he told the town criers from Uncle Sam’s village, is da not also crooking people.

You better watch your Cursed Priestess; because she may soon send you to your early grave and take over your property, already she has plan to even change your article of incorporation. But why wouldn’t she, when you also crooked your friends with whom you established the Society Bush, when you changed it to reflect you, your Cursed Priestess  and daughter, who you despise so much thanks to your cursed priestess.

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