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Lord, where are they headed?

Dear Father:

Uhm, I wonder the people from the Footballer’s camp are watching the rise of the early morning sun? Hahaha, oooh, hahaha. My son, where have you come from with people watching the rise of an early morning sun again? Have you turned to an astrologist?

Huh, no ooh, Father. You know, our old people say you can tell that the market will boil from the rising of the early morning sun. So I just wanted to be sure if the guys from the Footballer’s Camp are actually taking note of the weather-just a thought though.

But I hope they do though, because there are troubling signs written all over the wall- I mean with everybody complaining about that camp, I can foresee a disaster for them.

What do you mean my son?

Father, um, having you heard the number of people that are running away from that camp? I mean these were people who were on fire yesterday-some of them old, others new converts.

But recent exodus from those who could once take our airwaves and paint all the glorious picture about the camp and its master is indicative of a troubling sign. It’s a no good for that camp especially at this time.

And come to think of it Father, it is the arrogance with which they try to put up defence for some of these dictatorial tendencies that worries me most. It only reminds me of a certain Trump somewhere-my name ooo.

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Can you imagine this Father; they are even going after people who have left the camp because of reasons best known to them (people leaving) and some have even joined them into street fights. What a disgrace? Very unheard of anywhere in the most civilized era that you will jump on someone to fight them on the street because they no longer believe in your ideas and values-nonsense!

So, you see where the weather is actually looking gloomy for them and this might cause a disaster for the camp in its efforts to take over our village.

Ok, I know there were certain gravy seekers who thought in their little minds that they could use the camp as a spring board to achieve their long failed political dreams. Like a certain big man who have held all positions in our village-even including but not limited to representing our village in Uncle Sam’s Village and yet can’t count for one thing he has done is or is doing to empower the young people or the very down trodden in our village. Such a person leaving that camp is more of a blessing than a curse and therefore I can even sign the Hail Mary for that on their behalf.

The truth is Father; the guy was an excess baggage to the Footballer’s Camp than a blessing. And the funny thing is that the curse of the village people is upon him because he chopped the poor workers’ pension money he claimed to have credited when he was then a big man there under the Ray Hay man who is currently smarting in one little room in Uncle Sam’s cousin’s village.

Yes, Father, for his exit from that camp, I am so happy for the Footballer. In the first place, as I said earlier he was only using them as a spring board to achieve his failed political ambition.

But where I have problem with the camp is that it does not practice what it preaches out there and it makes it so scaring for anybody to want to trust it with village power.

If your own children in your house are complaining of lack of good care, what makes you think I will allow you to come adopt my child?

The people say charity begins at home. If your own children not happy and everybody is running away from you it’s not a good sign of someone who claims to be a man or woman of peace.

The truth is you have not shown any sign that you are able to father your own children, whose child or children you will be able to father and talk less of an entire village.

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