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Lord, Where Are We Heading? Part I

Dear Father,

Have you heard this song, “if you by-pass your respect, you will bother with your disgrace?”

Yes, my son, but what so particular about this song?

Huh, Father haven’t you heard the news about the noise between the chiefs from the Traditional Council and some of the Old Lady’s Kitchen staffs?

Well, I have been hearing something like that, but what really happening my son, what the cause?

Huh, Father, whenever you  hear they say there is noise between the Chiefs from the Traditional Council and some of the Old Lady’s kitchen staffs, the first thing that should come to your mind is that the noise is  over MONEY.

What do you mean my son?

Father, trust me,  anytime you see the chiefs at the Traditional Council trying to stretch their veins to some extent, it is over some kind of money that they should have received and have not gotten -period.

Father this has been the situation from the time the Old Lady came to rule our village.

When was the last time you heard that the chiefs had sent for the man responsible for our hospitals them or our schools to stretch their veins like that? The places where they suppose to stretch their veins they will not make noise there as when it comes to MONEY.

My son before you go any further be careful ay, these people have contempt power to send you to immediate jail oo.

Father, even they the chiefs know that the truth I am talking. There are a lot of things going on in this village one would expect them to act in like manners but they will not. But let it come to their benefits or some kind of money they have been denied. They will make all the noise in this place for even the dead to know .

And Father, the people make laws to protect themselves not us the peasants in this village. This one not they say, that one of their own chiefs who was cut pans down said that one clear. They seek their own protections and not the ordinary people as they rely on a draconian law.

When they ready, they increase their benefits and allowances, while the poor workers are crying including those working with them, but let it be their own, the whole world will hear it.

Anyway, Father, as I was saying, the whole noise started between few chiefs and the woman the  Old Lady placed as Paramount Chief over one of our village 15 hamlets.  The chiefs who are from the same hamlet with this Paramount chief had been demanding that the woman release the money that is intended for projects  so that they can carry out their projects.

Father, of particular concern to these chiefs were the portion of the hamlets development fund that has to do with paying school fee for children from the districts within thehamlet.  But the Paramount chief too say no. Let the money be paid to the schools.

And Father don’t forget  now, they say some of the chiefs too were demanding that the Paramount chief  make checks in their names for these scholarship funds. While some had just put together some makeshift structures called school and had demanded that the money for that district scholarship program be paid to the school being run by them.

Wait my son, I don’t get it. Did you say county development fund and the chiefs want to use that to fulfill their personal campaign promises, err I mean to collect it under the guise of awarding scholarships to needy children?

Father, the whole thing make no sense where  chiefs will be collecting almost Uncle Sam’s 30,000 per month and the little money for development they want to use it to fund their campaign promises and when the people say no, we want to pay directly to the school then they get vex and enforce their draconian laws-What a shame?

Okay, I have heard about the chiefs and we all know that when it comes to their money issue nobody can play around that but what about the General, how did she become a part? To be continued.


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