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Lord, who are the new passengers in the Paramount Chief’s convoy?

Dear Father:

Have you noticed that of late there are some strange passengers in the convoy of the Paramount Chief’ from the lower end of the Traditional Council?

The two passengers were up to last week spotted in the back of a pick-up truck in the Paramount Chief’s convoy, just days after the other chiefs who are seeking to take over his throne could spark chaos on the compound of the Traditional Council with their letter.

For one minute, I thought the Paramount Chief had brought in some aliens from Mars to scare off those disgruntle chiefs who want him to just give away his lucrative office like that. Don’t mind those ugly baboon-let them wait small.

My son, are you serious? Were those things you saw aliens or sheep? Hmmm Father, but why will the Paramount Chief be carrying sheep in his convoy at this time?

My son, why if the man keeping it for celebration?

To celebrate what Father- his removal? Oh, he thinks he is going to win this battle to stay ehn? So the day the disgruntle chiefs say ok, for the sake of peace and the smooth operation of the Traditional Council, then he gives it to them as a gift.

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Hmmm, my son, don’t you think the Paramount chief had those sheep for old-man Musa? But Father, what this move, I will not move, has to do with carrying two male sheep to old- man Musa and worst of all, is it necessary to have paraded them in his convoy before?

Son, why if the Paramount Chief was keeping those animals in his convoy to intimidate those disgruntle chiefs? Scare them for what, you know how many of them in that place that know old-man Musa road. But you know Father, for a second there you have a point. But again, come to think of it, what is it about this office that this Paramount Chief doesn’t want to give up?

Son, if the situation was in your shoes, where you have seen the village cake and know the portion that supposed to come to your office, will you give it up at the last minute?

Hmmm, it kina make some sense to me Father. And if you think of it, few months from now we will be doing voting here and there. So, the man has done his calculation already and the people want to come and put sand in his gari?

Can you imagine this Father? The people have already allowed the man to spy the thing, how can he give it up so easily? But the way things are going on at the Traditional Council, I hope they are not playing some game here oo-because man must know how far they have gone with our village cake oo.

Anyway, they say what happened in that little farming village the other day son? Father, they say some strange men went there and were shooting around the place ooh. They said the people think small sojar had come back.

I beg you ya son, when the people finish roasting their fish, they should not come here and put their smoke in our eyes ya. Is like taking UL from Capitol Hill and placing it in Bokon Zedeh. That diversion from the Traditional Council to the poor village? They will grow old inside.

Anyway Father, I have to run, we share see what happened at the Traditional Council next week, but it appears like our Paramount Chief may likely not survive this one. 

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