Lord, Who Do We Blame?

Dear Father,

I say wonder shall never end ya. So, in whose eyes they want to smoke their fish? What an interesting village?

My son, what are you up to again; shaking your head as if it is going to fall off?

Father, I am laughing at our big, big people in this village here; they never cease to amaze me you know. And Father if that one thing I am very sure of in this village, with the struggling health facilities we have here is that I am sure I will not die from heart attack; simply because our big, big people will always amuse me and rest assure I will laugh my worries out.

I am glad to hear that my son but share the fun.

You know the Old Lady and her kitchen staff went ahead the other day to prepare our national cake. In the process of preparing the cake, they left out some very important group of people in our village-people who are really hungry and need something small to add on what they already have at home.

They actually, pretended like they forgot. So they brought the cake as is to the Traditional Council, where the chiefs have to check all the ingredients therein before blessing and declaring it fit for consumption; something that is require before the Old Lady and her kitchen staff can go ahead with the sharing.

So, when the people heard that not a morsel was added on their cake, they decided to make some plenty noise. Thinking that by so doing, the chiefs will listen and give in to their cries. Some started blaming the chiefs who were only after adding something on their own share and not talking about these very important people.

But what was the Old Lady and her kitchen helps thinking when they left these people who just need a little morsel added on their own and not the giant size many of them have apportioned for themselves?

Father, to tell you the truth, I don’t know but this is where it gets interesting. With all the crying the people did to have something added to their cake, the chiefs were busy looking for means to get something added to their lay thing.

You know, it’s like telling them “yor ma who cooked the food and divided it before coming to us did not add something to yor own, dat we the one who looking for something for ourselves will make the noise for yor. Yor be there, we coming.”

And for true Father, the chiefs were able to find some huge amount for themselves but were actually unable to find something for them.

So as the noise increased and the people eyes now fixed on the Old Lady’s kitchen door, she had to come up with something to relax the tension.

And what was that my son?

The Old Lady said she needs to know all the people who she is legally responsible for that means hiring special people to check the list and clean it up before she can add something on their cake.

Does that mean that there are some ghosts who are illegally eating from the Old Lady’s kitchen?

Father, that is a one million dollar question but if there are ghosts eating from the Old Lady’s kitchen, then her kitchen staffs should be held liable. They should be able to say where those ghosts are coming from and that should not be the reason for not adding little morsel on the people’s cake.

Huh, I wonder the double funding for young people still in the cake. I mean the one for young people by our money house and the same young people but for certain religious group?

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