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Lord, Who Is A True Citizen?

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Dear Father,

Who is really a true patriotic citizen in this village? Is it the one who lease the forest to the person he considers a foreigner and run to Uncle Sam’s village to pay mortgage bills with his earnings from the lease and return with empty hands seeking job -Or the foreigner who invests his resources to transform the forest into structures that the villagers can see as sign of progress and development.

You see Father, these so-called opportunistic politicians jumping here and there, most of them very empty, would have we villagers believe that we don’t need people of different skin color to be citizens in this village. They will rather, like the failed progressives around here, make us to believe that our village is unique with the oracles on our books. And therefore giving citizenship to a merchant with a different skin color from ours is a taboo.

It is like those filling stations (gas stations) around here. They saw no reason to improve their facilities and services until a foreign one came in. They fought tooth and nails to kick it out but they couldn’t. And when they saw we the villagers going to the foreigners to buy, they then saw the need to upgrade their facilities even though their services are still questionable.  They by their kind of services were just telling us that we were not just good enough to enjoy better services.

So is the same with these people who lease their places to the merchants for specified number of years, and run to Uncle Sam’s village to lavish the money. They will always like to keep things like that because as long as the merchant remains a foreigner, he cannot buy a land to develop, and therefore will continue to lease these properties as long as they know that these merchants are still in need of these places.

Father, what they are actually protecting here is their class. There is nothing here to say it is in the interest of the ordinary villager-because as long as they keep leasing these places the merchants will not go beyond anything that will last for their lease agreement. They will always put up structures within the time frame of their agreements.

That is one reason why you see only the capital of our village looking little bite okay, but left with these unpatriotic, dishonest, gravy seeking politicians and their kinds around here the village capital would have been no different from any other hamlet here called county. And father, this is why these people will always issue war threats, because they have no investment here to protect.

Imagine Father; with this news paper we are running in this village, do you think I will want to support anybody here to disrupt the current peace? In no way I will want to do that.  Even the merchants who are being deny citizenship will not want to see any disruption in the peace process because they want to protect their investments.

But those who claimed to be the true citizens of this village would rather elect to destroy it because they don’t have any stake in it. So, they don’t care if we went for another round of years of destructions. They take this place to be a farm; no wonder most of them come here to work and stay in hotels and with friends and families, because they can leave this place at anytime.

Father is it not your Holy Book which says that “where is there where your heart will be always.” So these merchants have brought their treasures here, meaning their hearts are here. But for the so-called patriots who only lease and go pay mortgage in Uncle Sam’s village, means that their hearts are in Uncle Sam’s village and not here.

Even those country ones we elected sometimes ago to represent our interest, they are more civilized than any other person as we speak right now. Their entire families are out of here. This tells you that they have no interest in the village only its fruits. So, why don’t you grant citizenship to the man who invests his treasures here than in foreign villages around here?

It is a pity, you know Father, will all this big mouth of being patriotic and all of that, some of these guys don’t have anything to show here as a stake, accept for the fact that they were born here. But their days are numbered! They will be just like the filling stations around here.

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