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Lord, who report shall we believe?

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Dear Father:

It looks like these strangers are reporting different thing from what we are not only hearing from our village leaders but also witnessing ourselves ooh.

Can you imagine, with the significant reduction in the noise of the sirens and calls for help to pick up sick people within our village communities, the strangers say in fact our village still has the highest number of people suffering from this bad sickness.

On Monday, our people were happy to say that only 410 people were on bed as we speak with the highest number being in our village biggest city, but the strangers say that one was for the last four weeks alone.

So what at all is going on here my son?

Father, I wish I knew what is really going on but one thing I know is that from what some of their own people are saying, I think these strangers are up to something and only the Old Man up there knows what they are up to.

They might be right my son.

Right for what Father, you mean that the strangers are up to something? Whatever it is that they are up to, I hope it is in our village interest ooh, other than that we will make sure their plans don’t work?

What do you mean my son?

Father, if their plan to keep the figures higher than what our people in the village are reporting is intended to force us to maintain the level of vigilance and safety measures then I am in for them, because there is a tendency that we might slip back as it were few months ago when we were just few days to being declare sickness free.

But if it is only intended to force some good will people to continue to send plenty money here for their pockets, then we will start asking them how are they really spending the money being given to them for use on our behalf.

Why are you so concern my son?

Father, only if you knew the stigma we are enduring and how we wish that this sickness go away very fast  and that we will be winning and people for one selfish reason or the other will still be saying something else, it speaks volume.

Me, I just hope it is not a kind of buying time to make more out of us, because this will not present them in a good way-meaning all the good things they have done will be cancelled.

Any way let’s go to the Traditional Council small, did I hear them saying the Paramount Chief there should be made to pay some oil money he chopped back?

They say he and one other chief were involved into eating some kina oil money the other day and the people who can watch the watchman say chief or no chief ooh they must vomit the money or be made to.

Is that so my son?

Yes, Father. I don’t know why these people can’t learn. Don’t they know that this black gold is a curse? You touch the money from it they will make noise behind you. You sell portion of it for yourself they will catch you. In fact, any crook, crook gee thing you go do around that black gold you will be found out. If I were them, I will be very careful how I play with anything concerning that black gold.

Now, there are some greedy big men from the Old Lady’s kitchen who they say have been eating over the people food. They say those ones disgrace is just around the corner. Ebolano Ebola, their disgrace is here.

As for those ones who want to be Upper Chiefs, that leaves, trees and empty chairs will vote for them. In this Ebolatime, they still want chop Chiefs.

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