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Lord, why are they ignoring the message and going after the messengers?

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Dear Father:
Um, you know, I remember when we were in grade school, we always used to wait after class to kina bully each other (we used to call it “voking.” It is known as battle rap in Uncle Sam’s village, where two rappers compete before an audience either in studio on in a public space sometimes using insults at each other).

Usually it starts with one person trying to provoke another over a previous conversation and the entire group will burst into laughter, and the other person will react and again the entire group will laugh and say things that will keep the two going back and forth.

Sometimes, if the other person cannot stand the joke, it could resorted to fist fight. But that is if the group allows it.

However, there is a second scenario to this, which is where I am driving at. There were times when the two persons in this voking competition were not of the same strength, the weaker one will go after the weaker person in the group that is laughing to vent his anger, instead of doing so at the one who has said something to trigger the laughter.

So, it’s always the weaker one ehn-where are you going with this my son?
Father, where else besides the Traditional Counsel, where our chiefs have resolved to go after the messengers rather than the message or the senders.

What do you mean?
Ah, but Father, haven’t you heard how the chiefs have sent for one big Town Crier and one of their kinds for saying our Country Giant and some chiefs are part of those who chopped some of our village money “missing 16 billion”?

Now, instead of the chiefs using these information to ensure that they give the people who have been charged with the responsibility of finding out the hidden hands behind this entire wahala, they have chosen to go after the messengers.

But my son oo, why if that the people the chief them able?
Father, no, it’s not about able business, it looks like they are afraid that the way things are going some of them maybe caught pains down with their zippers open if they don’t put fear in people to let this thing die natural death.

You think so?
Yes, Father, I mean the best way for the truth to come out is to make sure you empower the people who are after the truth so that everyone can know what exactly happened to our village money. But to start calling some of the people who are just giving the message to come give you proof is like a whitewash.

And not only that oo Father, the man from the Football Camp who said he saw two pick-ups loaded with money leaving our big money house the chiefs scare to also invite him to provide proof.
But I thought you said the other day that your village is fast becoming an animal kingdom?

Father, the thing na even full my mouth, I tire talking it sef.
So, Father just a quick one, what is it that this other chief from the Upper end of the Traditional Council keeps threatening everybody?

This people war crime court business they talking around here who na call his name inside and he just jumping from one end to another.

Let him leave people ear small mehn, when he was cutting people ears around here he didn’t know that a day of reckoning was coming. Later ya Father.

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