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Lord, why are they so desperate?

Hmmm, it na easy in our village. Right now, the big, big people are so confuse to the point that it’s all a see-saw battle as they jump from one camp to another. To tell you the truth Father, we are so confuse that identifying the ruling camp from the opposition camp has become so difficult.

So, why all these confusions and jumping from one camp to another is all about my son? I mean why they can’t just stay one place and be the man or woman they think they are? Father, it is easy for you to say, but for these people it’s all about the jobs. And they are so desperate with passion. Father, can you imagine some are going to the extent of cooking up stories and repeating same on every town crier station?

The people say if you want to make a lie believable as the truth, just keep repeating it till all the people start discussing it at the market places, while the children also sing it into songs on the streets-the book people called it propaganda. But wait oo my son, some of these people force to remain in village power?

Um Father, you are asking the right question oo, but the wrong person. The truth is for most of these people they have known no other job since they came from school besides our village job. So starting in the private sector like some of us, is too hard a thing and it is something they are just not used to.

Can you imagine our papy them been feeding them with their taxes. We too have come and are also feeding them with our own and they want to perpetuate themselves to the extent possible for our children them to grow up and feed them with their taxes too?
Ay mehn, you will be a free rider throughout your life? You can’t give your friend them chance too? You want to tell me all the book you learned at that big school there you can’t do something for other people to benefit thru employment or that only village job you were born to do?

But my son you know what it means to have gotten used to free car, free fuel, free allowances and you don’t even know how much a gallon of gasoline cost at the filling station then just within the twinkling of an eye, you are no more enjoying these things?
I think so too Father. But come to think of it too, these big, big people who are going all out to make sure their people preside over the village cake appear to be more desperate than their crowned figures themselves.

Father, sometimes I wonder if they don’t know how to conjugate the verb like the chief from the Traditional Council who was heard on a town crier saying “you eat, I eat.” Thank God the people got rid of da other one. They got too tire too late. Okay my son, since you don’t want to mention it, let me ask you this, which side the Old Lady is leaning?

Father, you, yourself know that the Old Lady get dirt. When people think she is this, before you realize, she is on the other side. The Oldma is very slippery and unpredictable-to borrow the book people English na. Ehn you know that mouse with the long nose-it can be eating you and blowing breeze to the place at the same time. So let the people be there saying all kinds of things. But one thing I am sure of is she is not desperate.

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