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Lord, why are we so hateful of each other?

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Dear Father:

You know, I have been thinking out loud these few days. Hmmm, the thing sef full my mouth. As I sit here I don’t even know how to explain it.

What’s happening my son? You making me nervous mehn.
Father, it’s hard to say. To think that people in our village will be happy for their friend them to get sick or wishing them evil-it’s something I have not been able to get over for the past days. To lift up my hay sef to look at some people is too hard for me.

Can you imagine how people are jumping around our village because of the news da some of the big, big people in our village already get Coro? Worse of all to come and say that our overall Town Chief, the Country Giant get Coro and people are happy even though his people say da lie-its serious.

So you mean we hate each other in this village so much that we na want see any good thing happen to other people except for bad things?

The thing is all over our village-even in our places of worship-we carry white teeth black heart there. Nothing good should happen to other people only us. When we hear people testimonies, the expressions on our faces often betrayed our thoughts.
You mean in the Old Man’s house too, it there?

Oh, trust me Father that is where the hypocrites are plenty. Let them just hear say somebody coming to get marry-that is the time they will form all kinds of cliques to tear those people apart. Instead of being happy for them, they will gather themselves to plan all kinds of means of making sure that those people don’t come together.

This kind of behavior where people are never happy to hear that good things are happening for their friends is actually worrisome Father.

For God House own there, the only thing I can say is that most of those people who carry those kinds of behavior there have not found Jesus-no matter what name or titles they called them-be it pastor, elder, deacon or member-they all still need Jesus because the Bible sef teaches us to rejoice with our brothers and sisters not to cause them pains.
My son that’s human beings for you.

No Father, I refuse to accept this as human being behavior. I think this is just our behavior as people of this village, if it is not us, it can’t be them-that kind of crabologic behavior you know.

And so they have moved from pulling their friends down in God’s House, at our places of work, in our communities to wishing deaths. Oh yes, Father, wishing the deaths of their friends because they don’t like them.

No wonder, I sometimes feel that it is because of the evil we have against each other that the Old Man up there don’t prosper our village. Yes Father, I mean what kind of people will wish that their overall Town Chief get sick and die or the big people in our village should all get sick and die. Do we really know what that means for our village?
My son all I can say is, it is well.

Yes mehn. And this is so scaring Father, because when we carry this kind of hatred to the voting time it means that town bomb our village sitting on ready to explode.

You know, for a second there, I think it is good that this girl visited our village-I mean aunty Corona. She has further exposed our hatred for each other in this village and now I really know why we can’t go nowhere. Our old people say if you really want to know a person wait for something to happen.

You start and small business and God blessing you-they will say it’s because you are connected to some big people or you go do juju. We don’t have the time to ask our friends how you manage to get here. But we make up all kinds of stories.
And because jealousy and envy is in our DNA some people who don’t know you will continue with other versions of your story elsewhere.

Funny enough Father, those who sit elsewhere and open their lousy mouths as if they have the magic formula to our problem, they too are our problem.

Oh yes. You know just the other day we talk about one chief from the Upper end of the Traditional Council and all his flies came at us. And these are the same people who say the only thing the Country Giant’s children know is to insult. But their recent actions shows that they are all the same. It’s a pity.

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