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Lord, why are we so quick to forget?

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Dear Father:

You know life has a way of teaching us lessons, which is why it leaves in its tracks histories. Histories are all about life’s lessons and yet only a fool will dismiss the importance of its richness.

Hmmm, my son what happened, you never told me you had a degree in philosophy.

Hahaha, Father, I don’t have but one thing I know about life is that its histories are replete with lessons both good and bad. And come to think of it Father, whatever a man does or wishes to do somebody has done it before.

History, you see Father, has never failed any village, it is people who failed themselves and their unborn generations. Like the good old Book would say, “they have eyes but can’t see. Ears but can’t hear. And let me add: brains, but they don’t use it.

Now this brings me to another point to every action there is a motive. Nobody in his or her right frame of mind will tell me that they have no motive for doing what they do. And let me add that every motive comes with an interest-and that is all about politics.

Politics is all about an individual’s interest. There is not one person who called himself or herself an advocate who does not have an interest and a motive-if you see one I want to meet him.

But what many of us in this village don’t ask about is the motive behind every individual’s action. Nobody take an action for nothing, behind that action is a hidden motive driven by interest.

You see Father, some of the people at the Traditional Council were elevated to stardoms by people who saw them as saviors. Today, these chiefs and others like them who rode on the villagers sentiments to be where they are today have completely forgotten them.

Again, we have begun to hail another messiah, whose record is lying flat before us, few months after installing one. Can you imagine this Father?

This is why I often wonder if we as villagers of this highly forested village, know our priorities or really know what we want. Do we really know why we follow certain individuals or why they take up certain fight? I know somebody would tell me to ignore the messenger and take the message, but what is the rationale behind the message? There is no message without a purpose and a target audience. Yes Father, every message has a purpose, a motive and a target audience, with a particular goal in mind.

Hmmm, my son these are soul searching questions-only if your village people could take a step backward to think.

Now, another history is being relive, but will the villagers be smart enough to catch themselves in the process so we don’t complete a circle and punch the air in vain.

My man of God from Charlie Land always used to say this-“anything you want to become somebody has become it before.” Meaning there is nothing new under the earth, at least according to the Good Old Book.

If you want to be a police man, ask the retire police office how he ended up on the street, or the old pen pusher who walk by line daily, not to mention an old nurse. There is something they will tell you about what you are about to become or is wishing to become.

Now, the question- why are we quick to forget? Father, only people who knows their history will not continually repeat what led them to where they are in the first place. Now, it’s good to follow, but know who you are following, their motives and interest.

My point, don’t be a blind following , know the motives and interests before you join anything, or you might be leading yourself in to a pit that you didn’t plan to get into-and trust me nobody will have pity on you to pull you out.

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