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Lord, why I will never be surprised!

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Dear Father:

You know, most times when someone come to you with an information, the person would often than not aspect you to react the same way he or she reacted when he or she first received that very information- that is a normal human tendency right? Especially so when the person feels that the information is breaking news or as we say in our village- “the latest geese”.

But when the person have completed throwing it all on you as we say here in our “fries” (gossip) terminology, and noticed that you did not react in a way that will indicate a surprise, like the geese is new to you-then it is obvious that you have just demonstrated that the very news has not come as a surprise-either you knew about it or you had figured out from the onset that, that would have been the end result of whatever had been told you.

Hmmm, my son today you na turn to a psychologist oo.
Not that Father, am just trying to lay the basics for what am about to tell you so that you can understand from whence I come.
You know, there are too many noise in our village about how the Country Giant and his team of Kitchen staffers are handling the affairs of our village. There are noise about them stealing here and there more than the late Yule Blunder’s regime.

Some compared them to Yule Blunder because you see, Yule Blunder’s government was a pure rebel regime plain and simple. Most of the rebel generals knew that they had to knockout for the last time and they also knew very well that after those guns were taken from them, nobody was going to see one grain of hair on their heads again. If you think I lie, go and ask “Mr. More Mortal”, he will tell you how to get the first cash to catch a taxi ride has been so tough that he misses those days-my name ooh!

Anyway, so why am I not surprise with all the noise that are unfolding in our village from one town to another, from one clan to another down to the fiefdoms and all that. It is so simple Father, let us not forget that when you are sitting outside the fence, you think it’s all bread and butter feast going on inside the fence, not until you get there and see that the story is totally different from what you have thought.

Another thing is greed, especially for those of us who like to go on these spiritual journeys like 21 days fast and prayer or 40 days fast and prayer. Some brothers or sisters would plan in a way to challenge the food upon completion of the long fasting period until after eating they end up in the hospital.

This could be one of the two happening, and for that I am not surprise because Father I expected these people to make some mistakes from the beginning because they may have come with high expectations about things concerning the village and how it would have worked.

Unfortunately, many times we forget that there is a difference between fantasy and reality. Sometimes people go into shock mode and do things that they think it’s the right way to proceed until they get out of those modes.

Whether we like it or not, nobody come on a throne of a village the first time and get everything right. And trust me Father I know some people who will spy this your letter would think that I am trying to give some justification for why the people should “be stealing” our village money. So, I am not the least surprise that things went the way it did for the first year. Again I won’t be any surprise for the second year if things go the same. I will be surprised if they abuse the patience of the villagers and don’t improve. To be continued

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