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Lord, why our people quick to forget scriptures

Dear Father:
Me pa, if anybody wants to declare me government bone they are welcome but I will talk some without fear or favor.

Talk it my son, he who don’t born child, he no get feelings. So lay it on me.
Puah, Father, who says I care for them. D their noise they causing around here in this village about how the Paramount Chiefs at the Traditional Council have removed one big Elder from among the Council of Elders at the Palaver Hut because of money.

They are saying how money changed hands to remove the man. I don’t know whether the money came from the right hand to the left hand or what. But in any case they say some money were spent.

Is that so my son?
Yes, oo Father that is what the people are saying all over the village, whether they get receipt or not I don’t know.

But you see Father, the Good Old Book says, he that lives by the sword, shall die by the sword- and it can be interpreted in so many ways.
What do you mean my son?

Okay good, let me explain Father. I have been hearing in the gravened, how the Country Giant A.K.A GbehkuGbeh spread some money around to get the Elder remove from among the Council of Elders.

Now, so what is the big deal na? Was it not the same Elder for whom they said the Old Lady spent some money for the Paramount Chiefs at the upper end of the Traditional Council to confirm him?

So, if the Old Lady who was then the ruling chief Zoe of our village at the time paid money for the Paramount Chiefs to confirm the Elder, why all the nose about GbehkuGbeh paying money to remove him, that is if all these gossips going around are something to hold as truth.

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So, you see where I say that the scripture cannot lie-because if somebody pay money for somebody to get there and another person pay money for the same people to take him out- it is straightly business.

Father this thing the Good Old Book says is not about real sword alone. If you steal somebody man, don’t forget that somebody will steal it from you too-God na like ugly.
So, I don’t know why people are making all the noise about how money was paid instead of just keeping the argument to the main issue-because when you bring money business inside then I will say, the same money they say brought him is the same money that they say took him out.

Anyway, so that is it. God na like ugly. For those of you going around cheating with your man then women just make sure that somebody will take care of your own the same way. So if you are as jealous as I am, just make sure you stay with your own.
This pro-poor time, da na time to share the small one you have oh. Just as it comes in your hand run with it to the house let the oldma put it to good use.

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