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Lord, why push a man to tyranny?

Dear Father:
Like seriously? Like really is that what they are pushing this Footballer, now turned Country Giant into? While turn an innocent person into a tyrant? Is this the only way to gain favor? Is this not a complete hypocrisy? Don’t you know you are making him more unpopular?

My son, my son, my son, and how many times have I called you? What is going on, who are those you talking to?No mehn Father. You have called me three times but am just angry. Haven’t you heard? The other day they say people from the Footballer’s camp was planning to make him an archbishop of our village. Initially I thought it was a mere gossip because you know how the they say goes in our village but that until I listen to one of the chiefs from our Traditional Council saying it live.

Can you imagine what they are trying to do here in our village Father? It is better we start bringing this to their attention before they turned around and start blaming the young man, when they in fact turned him into a dictator and a tyrant.

But you know it looks like we will never learned lesson in this village of ours. When we were growing up as kids, we heard “Geek si fano kon” meaning leopard fears nothing. And the rest is history.

Yes, Father the rest led us to 14 years of stupid killings and destructions, and because the leopard had no fear it went on engaging in all kinds of atrocities. The man came on the throne with a pure heart with love for country and people, but the people who surrounded him turned him into a monster, because they had advised him wrongly for their own benefits against his own good.

Today, the same has started. People are calling the Footballer Country Giant, with suggestions of making him priest for our highly forested village and you can imagine what other type of advice that they are giving him.

And trust me Father, he is a human and the tendency of self-gratification is part of the human DNA, and what happens next is personal ambition turning into a dictator. But this is all as a result of those who are around him and what they are telling him.

You know, it is often said that tyrants make fools heroes, but what we don’t often say is that fools make well intended individuals tyrants. Yes, Father I know others are going to argue that but like seriously in every individual is a degree of arrogance and it only takes your surroundings to decrease or increase your level of arrogance and the end result is that you are either a turned tyrant or a dictator.

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Hmmm my son this is very serious
Yes Father. And you know I love to watch movies from Uncle Sam’s village because they have some hardcore lessons too. The people from Uncle Sam’s village love to create their own monsters and later call on authorities to hunt it down.

Am so afraid that these very people going around giving the Footballer all kinds of names and heaping different titles on his head don’t turned around one day to castigate him, because you have helped to turned him into a real African dictator.

He may have come to the throne with a very pure heart but with the different names and kinds of dictatorial advises he can turned into a monster right into our hands all because of hypocrites who intended it so for their personal benefits. And another thing they forget is that the more we make these stupid suggestions about our village leader, we make him look no different from other African dictators and bring shame to our village.

Yes, just in case you people have forgotten recently in our backyard was a dictator who turned himself into a spiritual healer, voodoo priest claiming he could cure HIV/AIDS and all that. He was given several titles including Dr. Dr. Dr. and this was all the making of those who wanted favor.

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