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Lord, why the noise, the chiefs did nothing wrong

Dear Father:

Have you heard the noise the Chiefs from the Traditional Council are making around here?

What are they saying my son?

Ooh, haven’t you heard? They say when the Chiefs went on some kinda program in one of our hamlets here the other day to discuss some changes in our oracle, some of their friends collected their sitting fees, when they all had decided not to take it.

Now some are shouting all over the place, pretending to be shaming their colleagues when in fact the main reason they refused to collect theirs was because they felt it was small and it did not meet their expectation! Tell me something my son!

Oh Father, they say all of them even walked out of the meeting after they heard the amount the people who sponsored the meeting were offering for sitting fees per day. They say the Paramount Chief for example, wanted two times more than what the man named after one of the celestial bodies can take as sitting fees per day from the very organization of which he is the head.

So because of that they called a special meeting wherein they all agreed not to take the chicken change the people were offering and to also boycott the meeting. But instead, three other chiefs and all their staffers decided that in fact, they would stay and they collected theirs at the close of the meeting.

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Now, they see the actions of the other chiefs as embarrassing to them and they are now asking them to return the chicken change.

My son, are you saying it is not because the others took, but it is due to the fact that the actions of the other three exposed them to public ridicule?

Father, that’s exactly my point. But the most embarrassing thing is these people were suppose to be our chiefs seeking the interest of our village especially the particular things they had gone to talk about.

But instead and as usual, they put self first, meaning, they were really not interested in what they were there to do but rather what was expected in there for them!

So my son, when will these people ever stop disgracing themselves around here for little or nothing?

Father, the thing they called greed, is blinded by selfish desires. It is in their gene and there is no way they are going to change.

And the way they publicized the meeting made most of us to think that our Chiefs were now ready to be nationalists-putting the village before self. But Some of were dare wrong, to think that the money will leave its black palm behind is a foolish expectation.

So, now that they have put these three Chiefs on the front, what they have done is like pointing one finger at them while the remaining four are coming right back at them.

Okay so they say what happened in Uncle Sam’s village the other day when our sleeping pappy was taking a tour there?

Father, I just heard that one yesterday ooh. They say the people on that side from this village did not play to boo him.

Tell me something my son!

Oh, they say at one other event the people held up placards saying all kinda bad, bad things against him. But wait ehn he says cat da dog, he will balance. He better take his lay thing he has gotten over the past 12-years at the end to go and make some farm in his fiefdom-we don’t want any sleeping beauty here to be our leader. He should go on his farm and sleep there all he wants, no one will care what he does there.


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