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Lord, Will He Be A Powerful VP?

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Dear Father,

What the people are talking around here? Is it true that the followers of the Footballer say they do not want Government bone, that him they want? My son, that the news going around in the village oo.

But Father is it also true that the Footballer is being embarrassed with the way things are going? That what they say oo my son. They say he has assured the followers of the Ray Hay Man, that he will talk to his people to accept Government bone as the captain of this ship.

Anyway…But Father some of the children say they will bear gee because this Vice President job no power inside. They say you are just like a chi-chi-polay or busybody for the President at the Traditional Council, because you have no saying in the thing the Chiefs will be discussing right before you at the Upper End of the Traditional Council.

In addition, you can’t even vote on anything in the place there. They say even to stay as acting president sef, when the president is travelling out of the country is hard. They say the president will leave small boy like a minister to act, while the Vice president will be sitting there.

Father, the children say the one that is making them angry the most is if the president don’t call you to cabinet meeting, you can’t go to cabinet meeting. And the children are saying there will be no difference between the administration of government bone and the ones in the past because it will be like the way the Ray Hay man used most of them to fight and time to give people job, he was looking at different people.

But you see Father, the thing is also getting confusing because the people from the Ray Hay Man party are also saying that if Government bone is not the leader then they will not join the footballer.

My son, the things you are talking here, it looks like that palaver na start small, small so. Because the way all the Ray Hay Man people are running to the Footballer’s Camp, it seems that this whole thing is a calculated plan to get these people back in power oo. As for Government bone, the way he na get any constituent already, it looks like the Ray Hay Man people want to make him their captain.

Huh, but have you heard the other news? What other news? Oh, they say Government bone has started growing wings oo. He says there is no way the Chair for the Footballer Camp can be running for the Traditional Council and at the same time be a chair. They say Government bone is also saying that there is no way that the chief scribe can be running for the Traditional council, while still working as the chief scribe. They say, Government bone says the two people will not be focused and that has started bringing small, small problems too.

I say my son, all the thing them you are talking making small, small sense oo, because this Vice President position is a ceremonial position, nothing inside it. And this whole thing you see the children killing themselves for is because of the Footballer and to suffer for somebody like that and different people go and enjoy, the children say the Footballer must think good oo.

And my son the other point the children are making that it was the same way they suffered for the Ray Hay Man and nothing they enjoy, they must listen to the children oo.

Anyway, they say what is happening with our common friend the one with the ugly mustache? Oh, I heard everybody is leaving him oo. But the man too ya, you looking for place to stand everybody helping you to stand, and you na stand good yet then you go and insult the people them that were putting their lay things together to help you stand strong. You think what will happen when they give everything to you, you will not go after them?

What’s about the Old Soja man, they say his madam did not play the other day ehn. They say she ordered people to flog their security guard at the gate because she says the man disrespected her.

Father, they say the people did not play to beat up da poor man. I learned he ended up with a swollen eye. So where was the Old Soja? Father, they say when the man heard it; he was so scare that the poor security guy was going to run to the police.

So what did he do? Aah, I heard he gave the man 5000 of our village money begging him not to go to the police. They say the first day he heard the news that his wife has ordered the beating of their security, the chi-chi-polay then say the Old Soja yelled straight asking his wife whether she wants to spoil his president job business.

They say, when  he even gave the poor man the 5000 of our village money, the wife got vex, she say the man disrespected her and that she was going to kill herself. They say one woman in their place there had to go and talk to her, but it was na easy. But why, she didn’t  drink rat poison na, then we were going to know that she was serious.

But my son, in all these things where is the Old Lady? Oh, Father, you know the other noise that Old Lady na put down here, she says Baboon must wait small, Monkey still working. I say the noise over this thing is not easy. But has she said anything since? Huh, the way I see it, even though she has not said anything, but it is like telling somebody, if you don’t like what I say go and burn the sea.

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