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Lord, will we be safe after the Blue Helmets?

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Dear Father:
Believe it or not I am very scare right now. The way I saw that beer bottle mark cracking on that poor girl head like they do in Hollywood show, I am scare already.

It reminds me of the stories I heard during the time of the Ray Hay man who is cooling off in one of Uncle Sam’s Cousin’s village enjoying his life time pension. I understand most of the guys are praying for the return of this kind of days-remember you get you pen, I get my gun?

Imagine this my big mouth that stops at nothing these tiny eyes of mind see but to say something, What would happen to us when these Blue Helmet people finally leave our sanctuary into the hands of our people?

Can you imagine Father? This one that just one girl who had gone out to hang out with her friends during this hustle time? Maybe, she had planed that at the close of the night she would had walk back home wishing her troubles for the day away. If they can grabbed her to show her where the power lies, what you think will be the fate of some of us who open our loud mouths everyday to put sand in these people’s gari?

And Father, what is more scarring is that this big security man who beat this poor girl like one market dog that has no owner is one of the Old Lady’s trusted right hand man to secure her safety.

You joking my son!

Father, I am very serious this is one of the Old Lady’s trusted man. No wonder he is able to tell the girl that he can kill her and nothing would have come out of it.

But my son is it true that the man has ran away?

Huh, Father, for that one I don’t know, but if that was small person who had done this by this time the person would be breathing behind those iron bars or what we say here in our village, the person sleeping place would have been changed by now and all the big, big book as to how they will not allow anybody to spoil their image will be heard all around here.

But since that big, man, he probably somewhere puffing his cigar and after few months when people in the village have forgotten, you will hear his name somewhere again or even see him in the corridor of the Old Lady’s Castle, that’s how it is done here my dear.

Hmmm, this your village?

Father, you say this my village? Ehn that the place you see to put some of us. All the nice, nice villages around this marble you say some of us should come here and that is where we find ourselves at the mercies of those that rule over us.

If they ready today, they say everybody should suffer, they will not pass the national cake, yet they will be enjoying, while we wait for them to ok the national cake.

They will say no money, but everyday they in the air from one village to another. And when you hear the kina perdiem they can collect sef , that money can sustain you for your entire life time.

So, back to the girl, where is she now?

Father, she might probably be at her house right now, and if possible they might give her small thing to prevent the goddess Justice from speaking her mind.

You mean the goddess Justice that should be blind?

Yes, Father, who else you think? Oh no that na the Old lady in that one.

You know, one thing I love about this village is that it is the village of the rich and powerful. Once you are a big man, yor case can’t go anywhere, forget that goddess Justice, her power is only limited to the poor and destitute.

Ehn we here Father, you will see nothing will come from that flogging that man and his thugs gave to that poor girl. They will be told go and sin no more and after certain time, they will be seen in their positions of power again. Only you can save us from these people Father.

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