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Lord, Yor leave them: the children say they want jobs, not school

Dear Father:
You know, our old people say, if you tell the child that poopoo is on the palm kernel and he refuses to listen and still go ahead to crack it, when the poopoo splash on his face, then he will know that all your cries were in his best interest.

Hmm, my son, you na start again with this your old people say. So, tell me what all this old people say parable is about. Um, Father, nothing much oo, da some of our brothers who now have the opportunity and they are refusing to make use of it and are trading their future for the present.

You are joking!
Yes oo Father. You know, since the Footballer took over the reign of our village, many of the children who were behind him, most of them either yet to enter our village’s Hill of Learning or have dropped out and need to reenter.

The Footballer after taking over the Village told them to take advantage of the time to go back to school, they have all refused insisting that they want job. They want to be riding big, big cars.

My son, don’t they know that it is better to prepare for an opportunity and wait for it than to have one and not be prepared?
Father, I wish they could read this letter of yours and understand the deep meaning into this. You know it is one thing to be ill prepared for a job that you know within yourself, you are not emotionally, academically and physically prepare for as compare to the one you know you are ready to do.

Right now Father, I would say this is purely the trading of one’s future. My former Pastor in Charlie Land, Dr. Obtabil will always tell you buy your future and sell it not.
In simple term, your education is your future, and this is what most of our brothers are knowingly selling cheap right now for a job that they could be fired from in the next 6 months for a quality education that could provide them good jobs in the future, no matter what kina political party is in power.

You see Father, I don’t blame them, because our problem in this village is that we like short cut to everything, forgetting to know that this short cut kills dearly.
Our old people say everything you want to become ask, because there are people who were before you that went thru similar experiences.

We all move around here from one Atiyee (herbal tea) shop to another castigating some of our old people who think that the village job was made for them. But what we have always forgotten to ask them is why can’t they find other jobs besides village job?

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But the answer is simple Father; most of these people have had no other credentials order than the high school certificate. Some had only obtained high school certificates and were recruited as cadets, and one regime after the other had one way or the other kept them there till, when the time to show their credentials came, they were unable to produce them. And so, they will fight tooth and nails to get onto any government that is in power.

Some on the other hand since they graduated with first degree from our Hill of Learning, the only job they have known is village job, despite all the opportunities to improve by acquiring advanced degrees they too have stocked.

So, they are the most self-proclaimed walking historians around here who are yet to impact knowledge. The only way they know how to impact knowledge is to go on the local town criers and sometimes talk trash-I mean real trash too. And I am not surprise that some gullible in our society still celebrate them-nonsense!
These people are still around and could be an example for our brothers to follow. The question they should be asking themselves is “is that how I want my life to be after I have left this village job?”

Now, if any of them would be satisfied with such an answer, then I am afraid that we have bigger troubles ahead, because these half-baked leaders would be the ones to cause problems for us and our children in the future.

Yes Father, because when their certificates have no value for the future jobs after their political linages have expired and no way to get back in village government then we are in trouble.

Father, check around our village today, look at the CVs of our people, and then you will soon realize that majority of the trouble makers in our village are half-baked educated people who cannot survive without a village job. This is why I could not understand as a teenager then as to why a certain Doctor (academy) could follow all these dropouts to form a rebel group that left our village destroyed beyond measures-A certain Phd holder indeed. To be continued.

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