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Lord, you gat patience ooh!

Dear Father:
Um, the Oldman really gat patience for true ya. People who were roaming around just the other day insulting people have turned to praise singers so soon? I wonder where is the much trumpeted integrity that they have preached about all along-my name ooh!

There is a saying that when the beat to the song changes, the moves in the dance rhythm also changes. So, maybe the people are doing just that.
I say my son, the thing sef na full my mouth.

Father, it shouldn’t full yor mouth ooh. The people say they are not prepared to be opposition for 12 years; after all they need to be eating something before the dog meat gets dry.

But da small thing, my son. The thing just keeps confusing me by the day.
Father, it should not confuse you ooh, because in the football game, they get something the book people called adaptation. When you know very well you na able the next team, adapt and play like them.

A friend told me the other day that he is not prepared to be sitting on the fence for 12 years, while the other people are playing with our village elephant meat, therefore he has join them.

He said tombe let me tell you something, anything you can’t change join it. I am like what, God really get patience ooh. Because the way this man used to curse the people back then. Not just him small swear plenty people swear here. If swear was catching people like Ebola and diarrheal by this time this village would have been empty.

I know ehn!
Yes, Father because what kina swear and curse we na hear here. Today, I understand some of the people have been coming like Nicodemus at night.
Ooh, it like the pro-poor ehn?

What do you mean it’s like the pro-poor Father?
My son, haven’t you heard the news, nor even if you didn’t hear the news can’t you see that the people are poor in the day and rich in the night? My name ooh!
But Father, where you na get this other geeze from again? I mean how possible for somebody to live poor in the day and rich in the night?

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My son, you like to go to bed soon, so how will you see what is going on around us here in the night.
Hmmm, Father, how I will not go home early when the ground na level? You, yourself heard they say Pro-poor, how many poor people you na see on the street in the night, ehn da the people who get money to spend can be on the street looking for what they na lost.

Hmmm, so they say what happened at the Marketing House? Um, they say the Footballer na kicked one Old lady from there ooh. They say the Oldma thinks she some kina hero. She must play with Arab money. She na know da Arab money long it can’t finish or she na know that good intention na mean anything in this village?
Hmmm, God really gat patience for true ya.

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