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Lord, you need to do something oo

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Dear Father:
Um huh, the way I see things going in this village if you don’t do something quickly something might happen oo. The village is tough right now everywhere you turn zero.
My son, like seriously?

Father, da na small thing I talking here oo. This thing it na easy. Can you imagine some people have not taken pay for 9 months, businesses are breaking down-people are being forced into redundancy, while the prices of food are going up higher?

The place things reaching now, even the Country Giant is confuse. The man never expected the thing to be like this. I heard he growing plenty grey hair na. The thing is na easy.
Huh, the other day I heard the Country Giant just look at the whole thing and after stirring at the ceiling in his office, he told his boys to carry him to play small basketball.

You don’t mean it my son, all the way people complaining?
But Father what you want the man to dona? You think by him sitting down one place and counting the nails and woods in the ceiling will solve the village problems?

Father just so you know this village problem is far beyond him right now. If he minds that one that na small break down he will break down oo- even though, he thought is was that simple to handle and all the pin pon, pin pon he grew up hearing was just bread and butter-not knowing that fire.

Tell me something!
Oh, that small hard this village hard right now. Sooner or later some of the daughters of Eves will soon start running to all the shrines in the village because most of the sons of Adams are going into retreat mode.

Hahaha, uh, hahaha, uh hahaha. Which one be retreat mode again na?
Oh, Father, this time the sons of Adams have put down their jealousy things oo, because from where things are at the moment, it looks like every is packing his thing-no more regular guy thing.

But let talk so and talk so too ya, the thing na reduce the jealousy rate in the village oo. This time no need for the man of God them to be wasting their breath on faithfulness again because by fire by force everybody has adopted the one man one wife policy and that the one the daughters of Eve like to hear then you can see their thirty-two teeth on nursery.

I tire ya, fund never ends.
The other day I was just standing up to where the Country Giant was practicing and I overheard some of the men in blue uniform complaining about how their big people forced them to wear some kinda turtle ninjacloth gown like robot cop. The other one told his friends he was glad he did not wear it because the people spend all that money on the turtle ninja suit and ended up giving them $30 Uncle Sam’s money each, while their bosses took chunk of the money-na waoo.

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