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Lord, You Reap What You Sow!

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Dear Father,

So, what all this noise I am hearing about people from the voting house jumping from one airwave to another trying to say what? The people have roasted their fish, why do they want to blow the smoke into our eyes?  Are they saying they never saw these things coming? If you went out and sowed pineapple, do you expect to reap mango? You reap exactly what you’ve sowed.

Father, can you imagine the people from the voting house expecting a massive turnout and an error free voting paper? Haha, I laughed at them ya. I wonder who are they trying to fool, the thing arrived days before the time, you want to tell me they did not see it to alert the public ahead of time?

You know, I remembered few years back after the Old Lady came into power, there was this saying in our village, I think it was our former big Teacher who said this, the man said: “teachers were pretending to be teaching, while students were pretending to be learning and at the end of the day, there were mass failures in the national exams and in schools.”

Father, the same could be said of the people who were working in our village big, big government houses: they were pretending to be working, while our Village Council was also pretending to be paying them.

And this is exactly the same thing with the people from the voting house. When you have people with big mouth who only know how to call radio stations and talking big talk, that’s what you get in the end. They were pretending to be explaining the process and the people were also pretending to understand it.

I wonder where they expected the miracle to come from when in the first place they were pretending to be carrying on awareness knowing that their messages were not getting anywhere.

Father, didn’t they get the message that just less than three days to the voting time that people were saying they just didn’t understand. So it means the people from the voting house had already failed before the “D” day.

Father, forget the politics of the process, where people try to politicize the entire process but of all the four things the people were voting on only two were actually important, the simple majority and the voting date. They left out the most important ones that would have encouraged people to go out there just for their own selfish desires?

Father, do you know that they left out the tenure of the president, the representatives and senators just to suit themselves, and they expect people to be happy about that? What about the citizenship clause? And worst of all, the voting house people only know how to speak big, big book on the radio. You mean this is actually what went on my son?

Father, I am telling you the thing, even the jingles they sent in the rural parts of our village, how many of them were in our local vernacular, but all they want is to be given airtime to sit on radio talk shows or call in and just say words. But the people were pretending to be creating awareness na, what you expect? That the whole thing ya Father, maybe my expectation was too high.

Now, we are coming to the main part now and I heard they say they are prepared but I am not too sure. If they spent all their time speaking big, big English on the radio, we must just as well experience the same poor show.

Father, I think what they need to do now is to improve their public relation strategy, instead of just going on the radio speaking this big, big English in a village where half of the people are illiterate in the midst of a highly political contest where the resentments are to clear, the voting people need to put their houses in order.

Father, my only prayer is that they have learned the hard way and must improve. It is not about trying to throw the baby away with the bath water, but it is for people to work, because they are being paid   huge sums of money to work and they should not be pretending to be working and producing bad results that will affect us in this village. He that have ears, let him ear!!!

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