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Lord, you see, God don’t like ugly

Dear Father:

The old people say the breeze that can disgrace the chicken can always come from behind-yes, not in front. You know, I was listening to one of the town criers the other day when I heard somebody saying one prophet had long prophesized that our Paramount Chief from the lower end of the Traditional Council was going to meet up with his disgrace one day. They say the prophet said this doing one meeting held in one of our village fiefdoms.

Ehn you na hear the song, da says-when you by-pass your respect, you will bother with your disgrace-ok.  So, you know Father, when I heard this, I said to myself hmmm, I wonder which meeting was this.

Then I remembered that before the big sickness came to our village, the Paramount Chief and his chiefs collected some huge sum of money from our dead oil place. They said, they were going to lecture our compatriots in the village about the oil business that was coming to our town for the first time.

If you remember very well Father, after the chief and his people collected this huge sum of money, instead of doing what they collected it for, they came back with all kinds of rhetoric. It did not stay long, our Paramount Chief and one of his small chiefs were cut pans down in one big money palaver.

The disgrace had begun. The Paramount Chief had ignored the words of the Prophet. I think he had dismissed the prophecy on grounds that at the time he was in right standing with all his local chiefs. Little did he know that when prophecy ready to come to pass, your wife sef can be the channel.

But what did he care anyway. The man fought tooth and nails to get himself out. But again little did he know that one day another big one was going to come out. He thought the disgrace had passed.

And you remembered what I said from the beginning that the breeze that can disgrace the chicken can come from the back?So, the main disgrace was to come from something he did long before the oil money. But as the Holy Book always says, the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first.

So, you see the first disgrace over the oil money that came was the shadow of the biggest disgrace to come from the mineral money-something that would have actually made an open show of his disgrace.

But the funny thing is Father, instead of the chief looking for this prophet to offer mercy prayer for him, he went on to blame everybody in his path for his own mess he created out of greed. Everybody became a suspect from the old lady to the chief zoes and anyone with some level of influence.

What he did not realized was that this disgrace had been prophesied long before it came. The Holy Book says, the prophecy is at an appointed time-even though it tarries, it shall come to pass.

My son, you preaching now? Yea, Father, the man na like church, so let me preach to him small. So the prophecy is being fulfill, everywhere the chief passes nowadays, all you can hear is rogue, rogue.

But he made matter worse though.  What did he do my son? Instead of looking for a prophet to undo the curses, he brought in two sheep to make sacrifices. I wonder he thought his colleagues would have been intimidated by that?

Father, the thing had already been prophesized old man Musa could not help him. The man had by-pass his respect by small, small stealing-now is the time for his disgrace-period!

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