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Lord, you see what the Old Lady na do again?

Dear Father:

Huh, have you heard the news? They say Daoboo ran away to Bollywood just because she na want to spend any money for birthday party?

They say last year she had a very good excuse because of the big sickness that was here to not spend any money on party for her three score and 16 birthday. So, apparently for this year, she overheard how her people had been planning to storm this year’s own. And you know Father, they say her kitchen cooks are very smart too, you know.

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What do you mean?

Huh, Father that small celebration some people were planning around here as if that their own birthday or graduation party. Some of the people were going to do some kina dedeba to say they spent it on the Oldma brithday, na who go ask any question for that one self. Some of them already have entertainment money in their budget they itching to spend and that would have been a good way to get it out and chop it.

Tell me something!

Ooh, Father, you haven’t heard anything yet. I don’t know why these people can act like they can forget sometimes.

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Do you also know that the lay award Daoboo just received these few days some people were trying to robe all that inside, thinking that she was going to release something from it?

Hahaha! hahaha! hahaha!

What’s going on Father? Have I said something funny or made a fool of myself?

No, my son, it is the one people were thinking the Old Lady’s award had something inside it that they were going to fool her to get some lay thing from there.

You mind them Father. Sometimes, I just wonder if they think this Daoboo, that somebody to just lecture for her to release cash? Even assuming there was a cash attach to that award, they think the Oldma was just going to lay it around like that?

Trust me Father, the Old Lady can’t use lapper nose to tie her bee inside oo, that the market bag the oldma them can tie around their waists before they put plenty lapper around it, that the one Daoboo can use.

You don’t mean it my son?

Oh, Father, you don’t know this Daoboo ehn. She can tell you say the people say I get glued on my hand.

But it good sef ya Father, the Old Lady get just two more years to go and plenty more years to be around here doing nothing-then they want her to be throwing her money around here-phew—-

In the first place Daoboo na looking for power again like some sleeping giants. So what concern dog about family planning-something that it will just push outside for her owners to sell that the thing it should worry over?

Let them be there waiting for the Old Lady to have birthday party, they will balance! Ehn they say cat that dog and they don’t know the difference between sheep and goat? Happy birthday ya daoboo, I like your style that way back sarbee style.

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