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Lord, you see what this Brabeena do again?

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Dear Father:

You see this other trouble this Brabeena bring us again? Of all the time in the Village, look at the time he com say no more State of Emergency?
This one da na real wahala he com go bring on people here in this village? At least some people were hiding behind this State of Emergency to dodge their responsibilities and put everything on COVID-19 lockdown and no way to go out.

Now, Brabee them will be forced to answer their phones no more excuse like “I can’t talk right now the madam is here.” And for the girls -puah, plenty signals coming lost again. “Helo, helo ay mehn I can’t hear you sef.” Hmm we in side.

Hmm da the one you call trouble my son?
But Father, let talk so, we talk so, this entire lockdown kept some men them home oh. There was no way for them to close from work and stop somewhere sef. It actually help plenty papa them to go straight home.

I mean no more excuse like-oh, I stopped over to the entertainment center –Barca and Madrid were playing or Chelsea and City. Da whatin, you will answer.
Da it you talking slow so, my son? I heard the side chick them were on by force diet because no way for the people married men them to pass there.

Hmmm, Father some of them did oo especially the one them da were have the curfew pass-awwa, da small thing they did?

Some of the girls used to say “ehn you get curfew pass, my boyfriend na get some, wait as soon as it reaches 6:00Pm he will be going home then you can come.

Tell me something!
Oh Father puah, the children get time sef. They say many ways to skin the cat. So why the married men were acting tight with themselves playing lovely dolly with their wives, the girls were taking changes with the few men da had passes running around.

But with all this at least there was no plenty wahala. Girl friends or side chick had to understand that it was lockdown so no one could put their friend under pressure for money. So everybody could understand and the excuses fitted well.

Born na, walaye, especially 26, you lie and pray yor own naBassa girl because da na small pay you will pay.

Bor my son how you talking like you na get experience from Bassa girl so?
Ah, Father, me da the one I na talk there so oo. I say the 26 noise will na be easy. At least if the Brabee had waited for the Independence Day celebration to pass. Ehn, then the noise was na coming to be heavy on the block.
Bor the way it happened so da double some men them will pay oo-for the end of lockdown celebration and the 26-My name oo! Me I na here sef I gone back.

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