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Letter to God: Lord, you sure this pastor actually heard from the Old Man up there?

Dear Father:

You know, the other day the upper end of our Traditional Council was thrown into laughter -though funny, it was also serious.  

The man of God said he had a dream, and the Old Man up there told him that one former deputy village paramount chief will never chop paramount chief in our village because that former deputy paramount chief is too mean to himself.

As this so-called man of God made his dream so real that by the time, he got thru explaining it, the Paramount Chief from the Upper end of our Traditional Council his gave instruction that they should buy him one Jeep straight.

Tell me something my son!

Yes, ooh Father. See how they can embarrass themselves and they say God say. If he had nothing to say, he just suppose to do the people opening prayer and sit down. But you know na-this year that voting year, he mon say something to get him owner bosses ears.

It look leh your people na fear God ehn, he sure that God he heard or himself?

But Father ehn that some of the thing there. The people nag eh same, they just say all kina thing just to geh favor.

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Anyway, the good old Book says in the last day people will have itching ears. So maybe the pastor was just saying that to justify his pay-and surely, he was rewarded with a brand-new jeep.

Poor Papay, he just there and they na trun him to some kina goworment bone. One minute they say he sick. The other minute him people making him to do all kina thing just so they can prove that he well-we inside.

Hmm anyway leh talk different thing ya my son. So, your people say what happen to this gun bisnay na, becus we na hearing anything about it again?

Um, Father, that thing we were talking about just na. But they say three more containers coming.


Yes, oo Father. They say Uncle Sam fini telling our people maybe they will be here next month.

I say whatin your people them want do?

Fahter, da the one me, myself I can’t understand right na. I don’t know what the people really one. Already, you na fight war that put your village backward for 1000 years, still you na satisfy. You mon fight to take power.

The thing sef na full everybody mouth. This one voting thing we coming do na that the one people just bringing in guns. And the guns they catch that the one we know about ooh. Imagine the one them we na know where they are keeping them yet.

Father, that only the Big Man up there can help our village right na ooh, becus this other news here about some more guns coming to our village it scaring ooh.

Instead the Pastor talking against this kina gun bisnay, he there telling the people how God say one former deputy Paramount chief will na chop chief.

He na put God in our village politics.

You mind him, let him go one side mehn.

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