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Lord, you want to tell me LP people were chopping money and they were not reading?

Dear Father:

You must hear this one. Water don pass gari as Naija man will say. It na be small wahala dey for LP headquarters. Monkey and baboon don divide kola nuts.

My son whatin dey happen?

Oh Father, you haven’t heard? They say the big people from LP headquarters were enjoying chopping money and they forgot to read over their own constitution till it ended up at the Election House.

You say whatin? Da gees oo.

Ah Father, that the one you shouting in small voice like that. You want to tell me you na hear this thing yet. Um, they say the people were busy having party drinking and dancing at the meeting, while the chairman and his secretary were just writing and signing.

And where this one happen my son?

Hmm, they say da in one of our village fiefdom oo. They had gathered there to talk their party matter and write new law and instead of all of them paying attention, it looks like the little cash the Businessman was sharing around full their eyebolts and they forgot to read until the paper ended up at the Election House.

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You na think they were suffering from hangover from the party or maybe some of them had sour-belly from the food and drinks that they ate at the meeting.

Ah, then da na small thing they did there oo.

But Father this Business pekin too da man oo. The guy had them drinking and eating, while at the same time lining their pockets for the road. So for them everything was alright. Now, they are all over the place calling the man all kinds of names and how he was this and that.

Oh, but they didn’t know all that one first before they put him there or maybe the liquor cleared from their eyebolts now or the money fini. They will balance!

Ayaka! You na hear the other one sef. They say the man want to sell the party to the Footballer comes 2023 to get his money back and even make more profit.

Tell me something!

Da what I am telling you na Father. The man da businessman and they say he get him own agenda different from the other big people them.

But wait oh my son, let me understand something ya, what is so big about this one constitution that they making all this palaver over?

Um, Father that the thing that give the big people power to control their member them. And everybody is binding by what that document say if you want to be in that particular party there.

So, you mean they didn’t know that the man was putting plenty thing there to give him power at least for the small time they voted him there for?

Father, I think the people were not really thinking. They were just there chopping money. You na hear what the man say about the Light at the Traditional Council, I na know if that candlelight or flashlight-the man say da him gave him money to go do campaign. So tell me na, how he will be able to read the paper the man give to him na?

But wait oo Father, what all the noise for sef, da whole country the people sell for smoke fish, you think they na happy they received money for the party-puah, let me go and eat my dry rice ya.

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