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Lord, you will never miss the well till the water runs dry

Dear Father:
Hmmm, did I hear the chiefs at the Upper End of the Traditional Council saying that they are missing the Old Lady? Whoa! Wonders shall never end. No wonder our old people get their parable they say “you will never missed the well till the water runs dry.”
But da whatin make them to be missing the Old Lady so soon now? Ehn, they used to call her wicked Old Lady?
Ah, Father, that it you seeing and hearing there so oo. They say it was not easy in their little room the other day. They say the Chiefs said they wanted the villagers to know that all the womanizing the Footballer is doing and the way he is running our village they are not part of it.

They say the chiefs were really vex oo not fun. They say the former Rooster-man was very angry he said “the boy” is not able to run this village.
Tell me something my son!
Oh Father, they say not one chief came to the Footballer’s defense. In fact, I heard they want to even jail his man who is responsible for the way we use our money in the village.

Da lie my son.
Oh, Father, the liar can say his witness is behind the river oo. But for this one, my witness is right here. The people say the man is a member of the tiny cabal that the Footballer can listen to-my name oo.
Um, the thing full everybody mouth oo-because of the way things are going, it not easy. The chiefs at the Traditional Council are all feeling the heat.

Can you imagine Father, they say not one person from the Footballer’s camp was willing and ready to defend him? The people say the Footballer can’t even call like the way the Old Lady used to call and listen to then to hear what they have to say about the issues concerning our highly forested village.

Hmmm, let leave stories ya, all that noise they are making by the time the Footballer call them and drop small, small thing here and there they will start to sing praises again.

By the way my son they say what happened at the Footballer’s camp the other day?
Hmmm, they say it was not easy there oo. They say the small boys units there turned on their own big people blaming them for lying to the Footballer and causing them to lose during the recent voting that took place in the Fiefdom to consider as their home and stronghold.
You joking my son!

Father, this one da na joke oo, they say my friend Jarto hide himself in a small room from when he was able to call the Blue Uniform people for help, but it was no better. They say da na small beating the children gave those guys as if they were the ones they were setting for.
I heard that one small boy who responsible for cleaning the town’s dirt gave that order oo.

Umm, Father for that one my mouth too heavy to talk it oo, because that they say myself hearing around here oo. My name oo. The way I living way behind God’s back before someone come set ambush for me oo.

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This time before you talk plenty in this village you must know where you standing and what you depending on oo, because when the children unleashed their small boys units, you can never tell what will be left of you and your family.

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