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Louisiana Commissioner challenges colleagues

Louisiana Township Commissioner Mr. Solomon Myler has challenged his colleagues to be creative and not depend on central government for everything.

He made the assertion Tuesday, 28 March when he took reporters on a guided tour of ongoing work at the township’s first ever constructed town hall since the foundation of Louisiana.

Commissioner Myler told reporters that the modern town hall consisting of several compartments including bathrooms, offices and storage facilities, was made possible through persistent hard work and creativity by his administration.

Due to its size, Commissioner Myler indicated that the town hall has the capacity to accommodate over one thousand persons. He says he lobbied with concessions operating in the township through Memorandum of Understanding orMoU to support government development initiatives.

The local official said some modern restrooms have been completed with the installation of commode, doors and tars. He says when the town hall is completed, citizens of Louisiana would have a place to meet and discuss matters relevant to the growth and development of the area.

Louisiana shares common boundary with the Township of Caldwell which is yet to experience the sweeping developmental changes that have overwhelmed some townships.

In a related development, Commissioner Myler has confirmed that a modern primary school for the children of the township would be constructed by partnering Concession Company under anMoU.

He says the site to be used for the construction of the school has been clear by the company in readiness for the project. He used the medium to thank citizens and companies for their meaningful contributions that he says are witnessing the current development transformation of the township.

By Emmanuel Mondaye-Editing by Winston W. Parley

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