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Love Liberia unconditionally

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-Child Steps International boss, Otis S. Bundor

The County Director of Child Steps International has challenged Liberians to love their country unconditionally, if Liberia’s developmental drive should rise at the level of European countries, United States of America, Rwanda, and China, among others.

According to Director Otis S. Bundor, loving Liberia unconditionally requires that Liberians should be patriotic in all of our doings, demonstrated thru way of life rather than words, noting,“We need to change for good.”

He spoke over the weekend at program marking the 10th thanksgiving and closing exercises of the K-2 and 9th grade classes of the Evelyn S. Chapman United Methodist School in New Georgia, outside Monrovia.

He explained that patriotism means devotion, loyalty to country rather than to president, senator and representatives, which is way of life that someone believes is the highest order in the entire world, but has no wish to force other people to follow. He said in contrast, nationalism most times is associated with the desire for power.

According to him, a patriot is proud of his or her country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his or her country no matter what it does, adding that a nationalist believes that his country is the best because they live in it, but a patriot believes that his country is the best although there is always room for improvement.

Director Bundor maintained that it is important to note that to become a patriot depends on one’s ability to know his or her civic responsibility and the history of the country which he or she calls his or her own with everyone having rights and responsibilities.

He stressed that Liberia needs more patriots, who will start to influence others positively, patriots who will stop calling Liberia an “ Elephant meat” but rather, a land of “ Milk and Honey’’ for all Liberians.
He further cautioned Liberians to stop thinking that it is only in European countries and United States of America they can live a better life; instead, he said they should start thinking to make Liberia a better place through their efforts.

Director Bundor emphasized that Liberians should embraced real change through a patriotic mindset which is one of the key factors for the transformation of Liberia’sfuture socio and economic development. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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