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Lower Bong residents support division

Residents of Lower Bong County are said to be supporting a call to divide Bong into two counties, amid several reported consultations ongoing concerning a controversial bill to give lower Bong a county status.

The proposed bill seems to be gaining grounds in lower Bong County, evidenced by the Sunday, 15 April meeting attended by citizens including former and current lawmakers in spite of some oppositions against the call to divide the county.

The NewDawn’s correspondent in Bong County says lower Bong residents including chiefs and elders have pledged their support to Sen. Henry Willie Yallah’s call to divide Bong into two separate counties.

According to the citizens, they have been downplayed over the past time when it comes to tangible development, claiming that all of the developments are only seen in upper Bong.

They believe that when the county is divided, they will be fully responsible in handling matters concerning their area without interference from anyone from upper Bong County.

The controversial call to divide Bong County is receiving mix reactions, with a youth in the region Philip K. H. Momoe saying lower Bong and its leaders are usually marginalized by their upper Bong counterparts due to numerical disparity despite the presence of natural resources or social development funds.

Also speaking, former County Inspector William Kollie said only a visionary leader will take such a political risk that Sen. Yallah has taken to seek a county status for lower Bong.

“I think it should be other counties to be against the creation of Bong Range County because it will give us two shares of the national benefits instead of one,” Mr. Kollie said. He said this is time for the people of lower Bong to rally supports for Sen. Yallah in ensuring the passage of his bail.

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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