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LP accuses Boakai camp over impeachment

Opposition Liberty Party (LP) is accusing supporters of ruling Unity Party (UP) presidential candidate Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai and his running mate of leading the purported impeachment proceeding against justices of the Supreme Court Bench.

The party said the UP supporters are venting their anger at the Justices for their failure to prevent LP’s Harrison Karnwea from becoming Liberia’s next vice president.

In a press statement issued Sunday, 13 August, the LP claims that UP’s candidate Boakai and his running mate Nuquay and other legislators who endorsed the UP ticket were hoping that the Supreme Court would have prevented Mr. Karnwea from contesting in the October elections.

LP political leader Cllr. Charles Brumskine assures Liberians that there will be no constitutional crisis in the country as the result of the purported impeachment proceeding led by the supporters of both Vice President Boakai and Speaker Nuquay.

Presidential candidate Brumskine claims that his contender Mr. Boakai’s supporters are attempting to impeach Justices of the Supreme Court because they disagree with the ruling of the Court.

He says such action is an affront to all Liberians, an attack on the integrity of the country’s system of governance, criminal contempt of Court, unconstitutional and must be treated as such.

The opposition party terms the impeachment plan as a big joke on the part of the petitioners. The statement says Cllr. Brumskine wonders why would the petitioners attempt to subvert the system of governance that Liberians have agreed to live by simply to accomplish their selfish political objective by retaining political power at any cost.

Cllr. Brumskine insists that the a decision of the Supreme Court is final and it is neither subject to an appeal to any other branch of government, nor can the decision be reviewed by any other branch of government.

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According to Cllr. Brumskine, the action of Vice President Boakai, Speaker Nuquay and others, shows that they have decided that they are above the Constitution, the fundamental law of the country. He notes that the summon of the Justices to appear before the legislature to be impeached and tried was the wrong interpretation of the Code of Conduct.

The LP political leader discloses that these individuals mentioned want to review the decision of the Supreme Court, and remove from office the Justices, because their understanding of the law is different from that of the Supreme Court.

Cllr. Brumskine says he would be disappointed if any of the Justices of the Supreme Court were to appear or even respond to a citation emanating from the unconstitutional process that is currently ongoing in the Legislature.

He refers to the impeachment plan as a “willful disobedience or resistance willfully offered” to the mandate of the Supreme Court.

Brumskine argues that while the Legislature is given the authority to enact laws, it is the Supreme Court that is ultimately charged with the interpretation of the law.

Cllr. Brumskine says if the Legislature believes that the interpretation given the law by the Supreme Court is not what they intended when the law was enacted, the redress is not impeachment, but urges the Legislature to enact another law overriding the opinion of the Supreme Court.

In the new law, he suggests that they legislators would restate their intent, and hope that it would pass judicial scrutiny.

The party’s statement furthers that the Executive Branch enforces the law, as interpreted by the Supreme Court to create a “check and balance” of the three branches of government.

He also wonders why Chief Justice Francis Korkpor and Justice Yuoh were not also targeted for impeachment, but only Justices Jan’neh, Wolokollie, and Banks.

In providing answer to its own question, the LP suggests that the Boakai supporters decided to give the Chief Justice a temporary reprieve, only to preside over the demise of his colleagues, and go after him later.

The party argues that if the Chief Justice is the subject of an impeachment trial, the President of the Senate, Vice President Boakai, would have to preside and as such, they decided to give the Chief Justice a temporary reprieve.

The statement than called on other political contenders in the electoral process not to only speak against the action of Vice President Baokai, Speaker Nuquay and their cohorts, but to vote them out of office.-New Dawn

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